Why Does My Hp Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi?

Working online from a remote area and now considering why does my hp laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi? Not a new thing. You and many people are also going through the same problem.
In this global world, internet connection is a necessity connecting you and me with the current pace of progress. Its significance was bookmarked during the waves of covid-19 when every department work was limited to the screen.
Online work from remote areas increased the use of the internet by 10 folds. But sometimes there can be problems with the WiFi connection you are using.
You may think, why does my hp envy keep disconnecting from the internet? Does my laptop keep dropping WiFi connection even with the latest Windows version? Is there a problem with the windows, or is the WiFi router problematic? Is there even an issue?
Analyzing and thoroughly searching, we have gathered and organized all the information and guidance you are looking for. It’s time to set up your WiFi connection back to normal and get rid of this annoyance.

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi?

Your screen suddenly shows an internet error, and you are forced to ask yourself why does my hp laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi?
There could be multiple reasons for this error, which could vary depending on the nature of the error and the laptop you are using. Let’s take a complete round of what problems cause your laptop to keep dropping its WiFi connection.

Password Problem

Does disconnectivity occur when you try to connect it to a specific network? If yes, check the password. It often occurs that the password for the connection to that wireless network has changed, which interferes with the laptop WiFi connection.
Cross-check the password and connect it again. It will work out.

Router Problem

If not password, your WiFi router could be the reason for the disconnection. To overcome it, restart the router by disconnecting it for a couple of minutes.
Unplug the router for a short span and replug it. If the router was the real issue, doing this removes the hurdle.

Adapter Driver Problem

What about checking the wireless adapter driver software installed on your pc? Why? Because this software manages the WiFi connection, especially the wireless ones. If outdated, it will cause interruptions to the connection.
So, check it out, and if outdated, update it, and there you go, the issue is resolved.

Invalid IP Configuration

Invalid IP configuration can be the real challenge. Invalid IP means that the IP of your network and the IP you have provided to the router do not match. If this happens, the system does not allow the pc to connect to the router.
As for the solution, change your IP address to the one that configures accurately with the network and make sure it is stable and static.

HP Laptop WiFi Hardware Problem

Was your WiFi connection interrupted when you were working on an important task? You checked all the possible errors which could occur within the system but couldn’t find any.
HP Laptop WiFi Hardware Problem
What about checking WiFi hardware? In other words, your wireless WiFi adapter. YES! The issues sometimes are in the basics. WiFi hardware problems include the following:

  • Your laptop is not detecting the WiFi adapter you are trying to connect to.
  • The password you are entering for the network is wrong.
  • Your adapter/router is out of date.

Trace what the issue is and then go through the solutions accordingly.

  • If the laptop is not detecting the adapter, unplug it, connect it after some time, and it will work.
  • Perform automatic troubleshooting if you are using a wireless adapter.
  • Cross-check the password.
  • Modernize your router for it to function properly.
  • Uninstall the windows and install the latest versions.


HP Pavilion Laptop Keeps Dropping WiFi

Hp pavilion laptops are known for their efficiency and outstanding performance but have you thought they can even have WiFi issues. To your surprise! It’s true.
Complaints are filed by people on the HP Support Center asking them why the hp pavilion laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi? As for hp pavilion laptops, issues lie with the power settings.
Go through the following steps to check if all the WiFi problem is because of the power settings.

  • Type “settings” in the search bar.
  • Click on “Network and Internet”.
  • Now click on “WiFi”.
  • Check the “power settings”.
  • If the laptop is set to “Close the lid”, change it to “Open the lid” manually.
  • Doing this will disable the hybrid sleep mode and connect with the WiFi automatically.

If the problem persists, go for the following methods as well;

  • Update both Intel WiFi and BT drivers.
  • Disable BT if not in use.
  • Change “PCL Express-link state power” to off.
  • Set CAM after disabling PSP.
  • Uninstall the Wireless WiFi adopter software program and let windows deal with WiFi networks.


HP Laptop Disconnects from WiFi When Closed

Right, when you were watching your favorite movie, you paused for a while, and the internet connection was gone. You are wondering why does my new hp laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi? Please go through our content to discover the reasons.
WiFi dis-connectivity issues occur, but sometimes it’s not the adopter or WiFi router problem. It can be due to the settings your computer is being operated on. The same statistic applies to WiFi disconnection from a laptop as soon as the lid is closed.
It happens when the power settings for your laptop are switched to “close the lid” mode. WiFi disconnects automatically when you close the lid of your laptop. It means your laptop is suspended. i.e. it’s not closed but in sleep mode to save the power.
Subsequently, this is not a WiFi hardware issue. The laptop disconnects simply because of its power settings.
Furthermore, if you don’t like it this way or are uncomfortable with these settings, you can switch it to “open the lid”. This way, your laptop won’t cut off from WiFi.

HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi Windows 7

Internet disconnection concern is not something new as if it barged in with the advancement of technology. Even the people who are using windows 7 are going through the same.
Are you also a windows 7 user, and your laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi? No issues. As we mentioned earlier, this is not something uncommon. To solve this problem once and for all, all we need to do is to run troubleshooting.
We will tell you how to overcome this, but before that, a reminder to check out the article till the end to get familiar with the other WiFi relative problems and the way out of them. Now back to the dispute!
HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi Windows 7
WiFi connectivity issues in Windows 7 are not as complicated as they may seem. Let’s detect what error your system faces when it tries to connect with a WiFi network.

  • Using the wrong network driver.
  • Out-dated driver.
  • Inaccurate network-related settings.

After finding out about the problem, go for the solutions we have provided at the end of the article.

HP Laptop Keeps Losing Wifi Connection Windows 10

It can be understood if there are some errors in the older versions of Microsoft windows but the latest versions? YES! it happens. People face WiFi problems even with windows 10 installed on their laptops.
What could be the most likely reasons? That’s what we are going to elaborate on now. To help you, we have narrowed down some of the main causes, which could be the root issues for the WiFi disconnection:

  • Old driver for wireless cards.
  • Invalid IP configuration.
  • Network adapter incompatibility.
  • Hardware settings.
  • Corrupted adapter software.
  • Disabled wireless button.
  • Corrupted windows.

Find out where the actual hindrance lies and then go through the ways mentioned below to fix the problems.

How To Fix a Laptop That Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi?

You have come to know about all the possible causes for the WiFi connectivity issues and their solutions, but we have summarized every potential clarification down here for your luxury.

  • Run auto network troubleshooting.
  • Update wireless adapter driver.
  • Check and reset hardware settings.
  • Refresh the current windows version.
  • Reinstall the current version.
  • Install the latest version of windows if not already.
  • Enable the wireless button.
  • Enter the right password.
  • Check the range of signals of the wireless network.

HP Support

How To Fix a Laptop That Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi
If any of the above keys don’t work, go for the hp customer support manual. They will suggest you several solutions. Some of them include:

  • Use automatic troubleshooting
  • Reinstall the wireless network adapter driver
  • Check and reset hard wares
  • Perform a Microsoft system restore

Doing this always solves the problem. If still not, take your laptop to an expert for a thorough analysis.

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi? A Quick Guide

To facilitate you, we have added a short and easily approachable brief guide narrating the WiFi problems on different versions of windows. Please give it a quick read, remove the hurdle, and your laptop is all good to go.

Windows 7

  • The frequent reason for WiFi disconnection is the adapter driver problem, which is outdated.
  • Install the latest version of the driver available, and the WiFi will work properly.

Windows 8

  • WiFi disconnection in windows 8 is due to the hardware settings.
  • To overcome this, follow these steps;
  • Turn WiFi off.
  • Unplug WiFi hardware from the laptop.
  • Shut down the system for a while.
  • Replug the adapter and turn on the pc.

WiFi will function normally now.

Windows 9

  • Old drivers and corrupted windows were reported to be the main reason.
  • If you are using the Windows 9 version, change your adapter and install the latest version of windows.

Windows 10

  • Invalid IP configuration and WiFi router incompatibility are widely accepted reasons for the erupted WiFi in windows 10.
  • As for the solution, reset your IP address to match the system’s IP. Moreover, up-to-date your hardware.

Windows 11

The most recent and least flawed windows 11 also seems to have problems with the WiFi.

  • We saw that the real problem lies with the WiFi router on analysis.
  • If you have already updated to windows 11, change or update your router.


FAQs – Why Does My Hp Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi?

Some of the common questions users frequently ask are listed below with their answers. Give them a read to grasp any difficulty that might arise.

WiFi connection with the hp laptop is unstable because of invalid IP configuration. Configure your IP address with the address of the network, which will lead to a stable connection.

It can happen when you enter the wrong password or because your hardware settings have erupted. Go to settings to check them and if they are problematic, update the driver software.


This is it. After thoroughly reading this article, you no longer need to ask yourself why does my hp laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi?
Check the WiFi router, the password you entered, or the power settings. Find what the real hindrance is. WiFi problems can vary with different versions of windows, so we have also provided a guide in the article.
Please go through our article, solve the problem, and your laptop will function as it used to. For more valuable content related to laptops visit our blog.

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