How to unlock a dell Inspiron laptop without the password?

How to unlock a dell Inspiron laptop without the password

How to unlock a dell Inspiron laptop without the password?

You will be locked out of Dell laptop for any extra security. It’s so annoying. It’s not just you. Most people in the world have a computer, and more than half of them have such a situation. However, they could only fix it by reinstalling Windows, deleting everything, including passwords.
Most of them do not know how to unlock a Dell Inspiron laptop without the password. No problem, the following articles explain the most effective unlocking methods. If you read it carefully, you will be able to unlock your Dell Inspiron laptop without any problems.
Step1– After restarting your computer and restarting your computer, press “F8” mode to enter the boot options of your computer system.
Step2– Select Safe Mode from the boot options on this screen and press Enter to start your computer in Safe Mode. This allows you to log in as an administrator without a password.
Step3– Log in as “Administrator.” This way, you won’t need a password to access the computer, and you can now reset the password and unlock the laptop.
Step4– Click “User Accounts” in the “Control Panel.” Find your familiar, locked user name and click “Remove Password.”
Step5– Click on “Apply” then “OK” to confirm the changes.
Step6– Login to your newly-unlocked regular user profile after restarting your dell Inspiron laptop.

How to unlock Dell laptop forgot password?

This issue may upset you if you are using a Dell laptop during an emergency. I want to reset my Dell laptop, but this is producing some data. What do I do when Locked out of a Dell laptop? Here are two effective ways to learn “How to unlock a dell Inspiron laptop without the password.”
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How to unlock Dell laptop forgot password
A Dell laptop can be unlocked by using two methods:

Method -1

If your Dell laptop is locked and you have forgotten your password, make sure you have a compatible Windows installation disc. Do not worry. We do not ask you to reinstall the system using the installation disc. Follow these steps if you want to know “how to unlock dell laptop screen” on the installation disc.
Step 1: Use the Windows setup disk to install Windows on your Dell laptop.

  1. Start your Dell laptop by inserting the installation disk.
  2. Press F12 repeatedly until the Boot Menu box appears after starting or restarting your Dell computer.
  3. Then press Enter once you’ve selected CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive. Choose USB Storage Device if you want to boot from a USB drive.

Step 2– Follow the “magnify.exe” with “cmd.exe”
Whether you have a Windows 7 laptop, Windows 8/8.1 laptop, or a Windows 10 laptop, you follow the same steps. The steps are the same for all.

  1. You can bring up the Command Prompt window by pressing “Shift + F10” when the Windows installing screen appears.
  2. Run this command to change “Magnify.exe” and “cmd.exe.”
cd windows\system32
ren magnify.exe magnify1.exe
ren cmd.exe magnify.exe
  1. After completing the above command, remove the installation disk from your laptop, type wpeutil restart, and press Enter to restart your Dell laptop.

Step 3: Use the command to remove your Dell Inspiron laptop password.

  1. On your laptop’s boot screen, click Ease of Access upon the return to Windows.
  2. Then click OK, select the “Make items on the screen larger (Magnifier)” option.
  3. You can remove the password from your Dell laptop by running the following command: net user coco “.
  4. Then restart the laptop. You can unlock your Dell laptop without entering a password by clicking on your user account at the login screen.
  5. Finally, reboot your laptop from the installation disc and use the command below to change “magnify.exe” back to “cmd.exe.”
ren magnify.exe cmd.exe
ren magnify1.exe magnify.exe

Method- 2

You can easily unlock your Dell laptop password if you have previously created a password reset disk for your Dell laptop.

  1. Enter an incorrect password on your Dell laptop’s Windows login screen, and then press Enter.
  2. Your user name or password will be asked if it is incorrect; click on OK. You can then reset your password by clicking “Reset password” below the password field.
  3. Insert a password reset disk, select it from the password reset wizard and click Next.
  4. You can enter a new password to reset your Dell Inspiron laptop. Or you can unlock Windows without a password by leaving the password box blank and clicking the Next button immediately.

Step-1 Using a password reset tool, create a password reset disk.

  1. Prepare a writable USB. Do you have a USB? A loan from a friend or colleague. (If the USB contains essential data, the USB will be formatted before the password reset disk is created, so move it to the storage location.)
  2. Install a Windows Password program on an accessible computer that is connected to the internet.
  3. Connect the writable USB to the computer and run the Windows Password Tuner tool. On the Burning tab, select USB.
  4. Did you receive the message “Write well”? If so, it means that a password reset disk was created, and now you can use it to recover your Dell password.

Step- 2 Using the disk to reset the Dell laptop’s password

  1. In the case of a Dell laptop, insert your USB recovery disk for the password reset.
  2. Press F12 repeatedly and immediately after starting your Dell laptop to enter the boot menu.
  3. Choose USB Storage Device from the list and press Enter.

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How to unlock a Dell laptop Windows 7?

You can quickly recover or reset your Dell laptop password using password recovery software and tools. For windows 7/8/10
Several password tools can help you reset your Dell PC password quickly. They are Windows Password Recovery, Windows Password Recovery Tool. Today, I used the example of Windows Password Reset Professional Spower, which shows how to write on a USB recovery disk and then reset the lost Windows password.

  1. Install Spower Windows Password Reset Professional (trial version) on a Windows laptop.
  2. You will need a boot disk to reset the password. On the Devices tab, select USB.
  3. Connect your Dell PC to the USB disk you created to create your USB password reset disk (the disk that reset your password) once it has been burned successfully.
  4. Then, you can set the USB drive as the first boot device and restart the Dell computer by pressing F2 or FN + F1. 
  5. Booting provides more information about how to boot from a USB drive. Using the USB drive to boot your laptop.
  6. To reset your blank password, select your account from the list and click the Reset button.
  7. Restart your laptop and enter a blank password when prompted.


Now you don’t have to ask elsewhere, “How to unlock a dell Inspiron laptop without the password.” This article outlines all the solutions you may need to reset your Dell laptop password. It is a very difficult task for most people because they do not know what to do next, but you are no longer one of them. You can easily unlock your Dell Inspiron laptop password using specific steps. Go to Windows Password Recovery if the first two methods don’t work or you think it’s too complicated. The operation was very easy, and I won. It will not fail. Definitely recommend!
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