How to turn on the laptop without a power button

how to turn on laptop without power button

How to turn on the laptop without a power button

Have you been searching for ways “how to turn on the laptop without a power button”? Depending on your laptop without the power button is an enjoyable and amazing technique. Turn on the power button to activate your laptop and other devices. It would help if you considered the case where the power button does not work. If your laptop is stored elsewhere, such as on your desktop, you can easily open it with another method.
You are using the operating system to perform an essential task, and the power button failed. This can be very frustrating. Want to know “how to turn on your laptop without the power button”? This solution requires some ways to turn on your laptop without the power button.

Ways to turn on the laptop without power button

First, you need to hang up your laptop. Do not disconnect everything until only the Motherboard is left to access the Motherboard (where the power button is connected). The purpose of the power button is to complete the circuit that gives the device power when it is turned on.
So, when you run out of laptop power, you often use a mechanical switch as the hard drive to find the two keys on the Motherboard you connect to at your fingertips. When you combine these two, your laptop will load. This is the easiest way to open your laptop if you are using it.

Some other ways:

Now we are sharing some other ways to turn your laptop without the power button. Follow them. If one method does not work, follow the other. These methods can also be applied to other laptop brands.

  1. Using the External Keyboard: Some keyboards have a power button. Try using this type of keyboard.
  2. Motherboard use: Carefully open the laptop case.

Use the external keyboard to turn on the laptop :

Luckily, if you have a small laptop with problems with the power buttons, you can turn on your computer using an external keyboard instead. Most portable keys have power buttons that work with other keyboard combinations like Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This could be a combination of keys you are trying to work on first.
Use the external keyboard to turn on the laptop
In this way, you can also turn it on by connecting an external keyboard to your laptop via Bluetooth or USB. This depends on the computer and application you are using. Unfortunately, Apple computers may not allow this feature. Also, even if a Lenovo laptop will enable you to use this feature, it may not work full time for many reasons, including driver talk.
Step1– Shut down your computer and then back it up.
Step2– Restart your computer after loading the BIOS. Press ESC to enter the BIOS and enter the POST screen. To reduce power consumption during sleep, press the F2 key for setup or the equivalent key on your system to open the BIOS screen. In the BIOS advanced menu, look for the Keyboard typesetting in the Power Management option.
Step3– If your laptop is connected to a working power source, turn it on. To do this, press any key or key combination (Esc, F10, etc.) that the system is configured to recognize as a “power on” command. Some computers offer some possibilities in this regard.
Step4– When you are finished with the BIOS settings, save and exit the BIOS. Turn off your laptop, turn it on, and press the power key you reset to shut down your computer quickly.

Use the Motherboard to turn on the laptop :

Everyone knows that a motherboard can turn on a laptop. But it is too technical and complicated for the average computer owner. To open your computer in this way, release and remove the laptop case. After accessing the Motherboard, search for the laptop’s power button ribbon cable is connected to the port. Unplug from the power button.
Use a small conductor to shorten the first and third pins of the power button port. I have to turn on my laptop. If not, all pins must be shortened at the same time. Technical experts will tell you that this will not harm your computer’s Motherboard, but you cannot safely do it as an everyday daily practice.
It is essential to understand that shortening the laptop every time can damage the Motherboard. Also, opening the laptop case every other day can affect the fixing strength of the screws. We are sure you don’t want to lose your valuable device because you can quickly solve a minor problem.
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How to turn on hp laptop without a power button?

How to turn on hp laptop without a power button
When you start your HP laptop, you may have to press the F2 or Delete key to get the BIOS settings, or your HP laptop may already be turned on. Following these easy steps will allow you access to the BIOS site.
These steps will guide you through starting a hp laptop without a power button.
Step1– Navigate to the SETTINGS option in the Start Menu.
Step2-Select UPDATE AND SECURITY now. 
Step3-Then click the RECOVERY option on the left side.
Step4-RESTART NOW displays the HIGH ALL INSTALLATION option.
Step5-The TROUBLESHOOTING option will be displayed in a new window.
Step6-Then select the Advanced Options option.
Step7-Then you will see the options in the POWER MANAGEMENT tab and the POWER ON WHEN THE COVER IS OPEN.
Step8-You can now set your preferences to turn your HP laptop on and off with the lid open.

How to turn on a Lenovo laptop without a power button using a Wall socket?

This method works well with Dell, Toshiba, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, and HP laptops. It’s also an excellent way for anyone who doesn’t want to short-circuit a laptop without a power button.

  1. The power button is powered by a cable connected to the motherboard. Disconnect it
  2. Batteries should be removed from laptops
  3. You can power up the laptop by plugging it into a wall outlet.
  4. It will be easier if you plug the laptop into the wall socket and then replace the battery.

Some laptops require that the BIOS be configured to turn on the laptop when connected to AC.

How to turn on an Acer laptop without a power button?

You will need to open an Acer laptop if you don’t know how to turn it on without a power button. You can access the laptop power button this way. Switching on your Acer laptop requires you to turn it on.

  • Your Acer laptop must be disassembled first before you can get to the Motherboard.
  • The laptop’s power button is essentially the point where the two connections meet, one to the power source and the battery. When the microchips are pressed together, the circuit is completed. Connecting two cables in a regular computer system is necessary to make the power button click in a home theater system.
  • Once you have completed these steps, your Acer laptop is ready to use. You can get this done with the least possible effort if you are adept at taking apart a laptop.

How to Turn on MAC Laptop Without Power Button?

How to Turn on MAC Laptop Without Power Button
On Mac laptops, the power button is permanently attached to the keyboard. It is part of the keyboard. If the keyboard is not working correctly (for example, it spills liquid) and the power button is not working, there is a workaround to turn on the keyboard.
You can’t use this method to open a daily MBP, but troubleshooting is a good thing. After pressing the power button, it may help check that the Motherboard is still working even if the computer does not turn on.
Using a small flathead screwdriver, short circuit the power pad for a few seconds to turn your laptop on. Motherboard power pad. To access these, you need to remove the bottom cover. This is very easy.
Warning: The boot pad shortening may not work if the keyboard is still attached to the Motherboard. If that doesn’t work, disconnect the keyboard cable from the Motherboard and try again. Sometimes it takes a little effort for it to work.
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How to turn on a gateway laptop without the power button?

To turn on/off your laptop without a power button, use an external keyboard in Windows or enable wake-on-LAN in Windows. You can enter clamshell mode on a Mac and use an external keyboard to wake up.
These solutions are helpful if your gateway laptop doesn’t have a functioning power button.

  1. Make use of an external keyboard. You may have already set up an external keyboard with your laptop.
  2. When you open the lid, it will turn on.
  3. The power button needs to be fixed.


You have learned “how to turn on a laptop without a power button.” We found a solution to the problem of all types of laptops. Windows-based laptops (Dell) and MAC laptops. We hope you can now turn on your laptop directly from the keyboard without using the dedicated power button.
This blog showed you “how to turn on your laptop without the power button” by using different methods in a few simple steps. These can be used when the power button on your laptop is not turned on. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.
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