How To Transfer Files from A Broken Laptop to Another Laptop?

How To Transfer Files from A Broken Laptop to Another Laptop

How To Transfer Files from A Broken Laptop to Another Laptop

In today’s article, we will show and demonstrate various ways how to transfer files from a broken laptop to another laptop. Make it to the end to learn everything essential for recovering your data from a non-functional laptop.
With the evolution of technology, all practical fields are synchronizing with the digital performance mode. Whether it is science or health, politics or education, engineering or medical, teaching or learning, almost every arena is upgraded to screen work.
But what will you do if the laptop you are operational on suddenly stops working and your files and data are at the risk of being lost?
When your laptop has failed to turn on, and your windows have had a severe crash down, what are you supposed to do with all of the data stored on your hard drive? How will you get access to all those files?
Please read our article until the end to learn more about this issue.

How To Transfer Files from A Broken laptop to another laptop?

When a laptop stops working due to a basic software failure, its files become inaccessible, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be retracted. All the original documents, programs, and files can be recovered from a non-functional laptop only if the hard drive is safe.
In short, the primary condition to get your documents back, unchanged and intact, is to make sure that your hard drive is still working and, unlike your laptop, is not completely dead.
So, in the information provided below, we have explained the whole method to tell you how to transfer files from a broken laptop to another laptop.
how to get files off a broken laptop screen
Before getting started, we will repeat, get a preliminary check-up on your hard drive as if it is not completely dead.
“If your laptop is not working, get the hard drive out of it and use it as an external device connected to another laptop”. How to do it? Follow the steps explained below:

1- Get A Hard Drive Disk Enclosure

It is more like a unique box-like system into which you can slide the computer’s hard drive just like we place DVD into the DVD player. It is necessary to run your files on another laptop to turn your hard drive into an external system.
As for the hard drive, different laptops use differently structured hard drives, so before purchasing a disk enclosure, make sure that you are getting the one that matches your hard drive’s system. Otherwise, it won’t work.

2- Buy A New Laptop or Use Another System

If you have your hard drive disk enclosure by now, you will need to get a new laptop. A reminder! Buy a laptop that works on the same operating instructions as your previous laptop.
For example, if you were using an 8th core generation laptop, the new laptop should also belong to the 8th core. If you were using MacBook, purchase the laptop that maneuvers on macOS.
Another precaution you need to observe has enough free space on the new laptop to easily store your files from the old drive.

3- Detach the Hard Drive

It’s time to remove the hard drive from your old laptop if you have a new laptop and disk enclosure. For this, unplug the charger and disconnect the laptop. Please open it and find out where the hard drive is fixed.
If you can’t trace it, read the manual’s instructions and find the hard drive. You will need screwdrivers to loosen the screws. Then remove the cables and take out the hard drive.
Sometimes there can be a hindrance. WHY? Because not the hard drives of all the laptops are easy to open. Hence, before removing the panel, look for a specific way to remove the hard drive by the model number of your laptop.

4- Insert Old Hard Drive-In disk enclosure

When looked carefully, you will see that both hard drive and disk enclosure have connector pins. Place the old hard drive in the disk enclosure by connecting these pins.
But it would help if you were very careful while doing this. Because the process of connecting pins varies from one laptop to another, for this, thoroughly read the user’s manual that comes with the hard disk enclosure.

5- Connect with the New Laptop

Now connect your disk enclosure with the laptop. Once connected, a notification will pop up on the screen, and it will work like an external hard drive system. Your windows will open the drive on your laptop, and you will be able to view all data in the drive.

6- Transfer the Files

Now that all of your lost data is visible on your screen transfer your documents to the location of your choice.
To your surprise, if you don’t have enough space on a new laptop, you can connect another hard drive to your laptop, in the same way, transferring and saving your files there.

How To Get Files Off From A Laptop That Won’t Turn On?

Your laptop won’t start, which means you cannot enter your operating system. Does the question now arise about how to transfer files from a dead laptop to another laptop? Because if not recovered, all of your data will be lost, gone.
How To Get Files Off From A Laptop That Won’t Turn On
We are providing you with a solution that will guide you on how to transfer files from a laptop to another laptop to save your data. The solution is simple.
All you have to do is set up an external hard drive by connecting your hard drive to another functional laptop. For the detailed procedure, read the article from the start.
There can be some obstructions for which you need to take precautions. When using an external hard drive, make sure the operating system of the hard disk, external hard drive enclosure, and your new laptop match. It won’t be functional otherwise.
Well, if you think this might not be as productive as it seems, we present you with another way out. Use a universal adapter. Follow the steps below if you want to learn how.

  • Remove the panel from the back of your laptop.
  • Trace and remove the hard drive, which is mostly attached to the computer’s
  • Now wad both the universal adapter and data connection port together. Universal adapter is beneficial with data connectors that you can plug into any hard drive model.
  • Now, plug the adapter into the working laptop by the USB end of the adapter.
  • A notification will pop up on the screen.
  • Click on the drive icon, and all of your documents and files present in the hard drive will appear on the screen.
  • There you go! Transfer or copy them to any location you want.


How To Transfer Files from Laptop to Laptop Using HDMI Cable?

HDMI cables are used on a large scale in the market for data sharing, but they cannot transfer files from one laptop to another. It is because both the ports of the HDMI cable are output ports.
You cannot transfer data by output to output route. In other words, an HDMI cable is for output and not for input. If you are thinking of using an HDMI cable to transfer files from one laptop to another laptop without an internet connection, it is not possible.

How To Transfer Files from Laptop to Another Laptop Using Wifi

For data transfer, there should be an input port as well. If you want to connect the laptop through a cable, data transferring cable is the best choice. As for the HDMI cable, it cannot be used to transfer data from one laptop to another laptop.

Let’s talk about how to transfer files from a laptop to another laptop in a situation where both of them are working properly, and all you want is just a fast transfer of files without any hurdle, but you don’t know how to do it.

There are several ways of doing it. All you have to do is apply the FTP SERVER method on your laptops. An FTP or File Transfer Protocol is an easy and comparatively handy method to transfer files from one laptop to another laptop.
To availing this luxury, you don’t have to get anything new, what you have to do is to know some basics, and you will be able to use FTP easily. Let’s dig into that!

Client And Server Laptops

Decide and set your laptops as client and server laptops according to their need and function.

  • The server laptop will transfer the files.
  • The client laptop will receive the files.

Set up FTP Server

On the server laptop, set up an FTP server.

  • You will find FTP in “System Preferences>Sharing>Services” if you are a Mac user.
  • If your laptop is operated on windows, then go for “Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features>Plus symbol>IIS>FTP Server”.

Install FTP Client

On the client laptop, download and install FTP client software to allow your laptop to connect to the FTP server set up on the server laptop by its IP address.

Connect Both Laptops

Now log in to the FTP server from the FTP client.

  • As for MAC users, follow Finder>Go>Connect to Server and click on “Connect”.
  • For windows, type your IP address in the address bar in the Internet Browser. Enter it and go for File>Login.

Share The Files

Both the laptops are connected now. Transfer the files you want from the server to the client laptop.

Fastest Ways to Transfer Files from Laptop to Laptop

It’s time to summarize some of the fastest ways to transfer files from one laptop to another laptop with or without internet, either with both laptops functional or just one of them working.

When Both Laptops Are Functional

how to transfer files from laptop to laptop using hdmi cable
If both of your laptops are working, you can use the following methods;

  • Setting up an FTP server.
  • Using a storage device.
  • Transfer through the cloud
  • Setting your own Gmail or Email as the recipient.
  • Direct connection with firewire.

When One Laptop Is Functional

If one of your laptops has broken or its windows have crashed, and you don’t have any access to your data stored on the hard drive, you can apply any of the following methods;

  • Use Hard drive disk enclosure.
  • Use a universal adapter.

FAQs – How to Transfer Files from A Broken laptop to another laptop?

If you are a busy person with a hectic schedule and do not have time to go through the whole of the article, don’t worry. We have answered some specific questions and the problems that might happen down here. Read them, and you will get what you want.

If you want to access the laptop's hard drive from another laptop, take out the hard drive plug it with the hard drive disk enclosure. It will work as an external system, and you can connect it with another laptop.

Attach the hard drive of the dead laptop to the working laptop. It will work as an external device. After the icon appears on the laptop screen, the dead laptop's hard drive is now in your approach.


It is all you need to know about how to transfer files from a broken laptop to another laptop. Remember your hard drive should not be completely dead if you want to recover your files.
As for accessing the hard drive, there are several methods mentioned above. Apply and find out which works the best for you. Visit our blog for more valuable content related to laptops.