How to Reset Company Laptop for Personal Use

How to Reset Company Laptop for Personal Use

How to Reset Company Laptop for Personal Use

How to reset company laptop for personal use? When we resign from a job, generally, the company doesn’t ask for a laptop back. Most companies apply many security moves to secure data and information. How to rest company laptop for personal use, for this you have to stay connected with the article we will give you numerous solution on how to reset company laptop for personal use.

There are many ways to convert a company laptop for personal use. If you think that laptop is no more used for your company, whatever the reason is, you just reformat your laptop to wipe out unwanted data as per your need or restore essential files.

But sometimes, you need to find out the company to unlock the administrator account lock; undoubtedly, it is not an easy task. So there are some easy methods in this article for your convenience so read it carefully.

How to Convert Work Laptop to Personal

When you have a company-related laptop but not using it anymore for company work, whatever the reason is, you want to reset your laptop for personal use; therefore, the query is how to convert work laptop to personal one.

How to Convert Work Laptop to Personal

The first solution is to format your laptop to erase undesired data, but if the administrator account is locked, it can be a bit risky, and you are afraid of this. Now how to reset the company laptop for personal use? Another option is you might reinstall windows on your laptop and then format the unwanted data from the c drive.

Remember that reformatting a laptop will erase all your data. If you don’t want to lose those files, back up your hard drive to an external device like a USB, CD, DVD, or any other device, or you can back up your file on a cloud that will rescue all your essential files.

How to Unlock a Company Laptop

If you try to unlock a used laptop, you may get these error messages

  • This device is in use and has been locked
  • Only an administrator can unlock this device

Therefore, the remedy to unlock a company laptop is to press ctrl + alt + delete to get out unwanted windows you are in, then type the login information you last logged in as a user and click ok.

Another method of how to reset a company laptop for personal use is when the error message doesn’t state who locked the laptop, you must restart the laptop and log on before the screen saver program starts.

How to Remove Company Software from Laptop

For instance, you have a used laptop that belonged to any company, but now it is all yours, and you want how to remove company software from the laptop.

In this guidance, we will accord you a pretty straightforward method

  • Open the start menu and click “control panel”.
  • Click Uninstall a program.
  • Click on the program you wish to remove.
  • Click the Uninstall button; you may have to click through the programs uninstaller windows to complete the uninstallation.
  • Restart your laptop if prompted.

Can I Use My Work Laptop For personal?

Can I use my work laptop for personal? Some companies allow you to take your company laptop home. It depends on a company policy but generally, using a company laptop is not endorsed for personal use.

Can I Use My Work Laptop For personal

When a company gives you a laptop to take home, they give you your login information and everything you need to do for your job successfully. It would help if you were respectful of your company’s property.

Even if the company allows you to use a laptop for personal use, be aware of the possible laptop monitoring; the employer can access your company laptop and can see your activity on it. They can check your web searches, email, etc.

Keeping company laptop after leaving

If you are no longer part of that company, you must return the company assets; keeping the company laptop after leaving is only beneficial when the company gifts you that asset.

Most companies don’t want to re-invest assets and send them to another employee. Likewise, Some companies do let the employee keep the older device.

FAQS: How to Reset Company Laptop for Personal Use

When we talk about work laptops, how can I use my work laptop at home? Company laptops assorted security protection to secure company-related information.

Using a work laptop at home will also be used by other family members. In that case, your official files would be misplaced to secure those official files; to avoid this problem, use descriptor data to encrypt data.

Using virtual machine software and creating a version of the operating system of your choice, enable the separate work version. Now you can safely use your company laptop.

Can you factory reset a work laptop? Following are some steps to reset your laptop, but first, you save your old data, remove all your personal information, log out of all your accounts, and unpair Bluetooth devices. Then go for a factory reset.

Ready to clean the drive and reinstall windows, go to START>SETTINGS>Update and securiety>Recovery. At the top of the windows, you will reset your work laptop.


The conclusion on how to reset company laptop for personal use, as discussed above in detail and try to give you the easiest way to resolve your issue effortlessly. Numerous methods are given in this article to find out how to reset company laptop for personal use.

Factory resetting is the easiest way. It will erase all data from the work laptop. Companies install many antivirus software to secure data. You can also uninstall all software programs and then activate window defender. After that, you need to update windows all the time.

If you are working in a company and they provide you with a laptop to do your job quickly, then you are responsible for company assets. Make sure you should not use a work laptop for personal use. visit for more quality content and reviews about laptops.