How to Remove Scroll Lock in Laptop

How to Remove Scroll Lock in Laptop

How to Remove Scroll Lock in Laptop

Are you looking for that how to remove scroll lock in laptop? If yes, then you are in the right place. Windows have many features and functions on a laptop that minimize time duration and speed up your workflow.

In PCs and laptops, almost all features are the same but some extra features are installed on the laptop.  Wireless networks and battery backup are the best examples. Scroll buttons are most on the laptop keyboard, but some are not.

In this article, you should learn how to remove scroll lock in laptop and PC. Most laptop companies (HP, Dell, Levono, etc.) installed Microsoft windows by default. Therefore scroll lock setting is almost the same on most devices. I hope you will succeed in removing the scroll lock.

How to Remove Scroll Lock in Laptop?

Scroll lock is a feature in Windows which is used to lock the navigation button on the laptop keyboard. In some cases, this lock function is not working. There are many ways to turn on the scroll button on a laptop window.

scroll lock shortcut in laptop

Go to the bottom right of your laptop screen, click on the notification bar, then click on “All Settings.” Now click on “Ease of Access,” scroll down and go to the keyboard section. Then turn on the “On-Screen Keyboard.”

After turning it on, a keyboard window will pop up on your laptop screen. Click the “ScrLK” button, and the scroll lock option will turn on. It’s an option to lock the keyboard arrows button, but sometimes it doesn’t work properly.

1- Turn On Scroll Lock on Your Laptop

Different ways which you used to turn on the scroll lock. In which one is going to the “Start Menu,” writes “Ease of Access,” and then presses enter. After it clicks on the keyboard section and turning on the Virtual keyboard, on this keyboard, search the “ScrLK” button, then press enter.

The scroll lock button will turn on on your laptop and lock the arrow button (left, right, up, and down) on the laptop’s physical keyword.

2- Turn Off Scroll Lock on Laptop Windows

Nowadays, wireless keyboards are available in the market, connecting to the laptop with Bluetooth. A small battery is used to give current to operate it. Wireless keyboards only connect with laptops because Bluetooth is unavailable on PCs.

In some laptop keyboards, the scroll button is unavailable; then, you use an on-screen keyboard available in windows by default. Use it and turn off the scroll lock.

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How to Find Scroll Lock Key on Keyboard

How to Find Scroll Lock Key on Keyboard

On the keyboard, the scroll lock key shows in different abbreviates like “ScrLK” or “SlK.” There are three lock keys on the top of the keyboard: “Caps Lock,” Num Lock, and “Scroll Lock.” The scroll key is mostly on PC keyboards.

You can easily find the lock keys because they have small lights on them and a scroll lock key. The location of this key is different because the keyboard buttons’ setting has changed on different companies’ devices.

How to Find Scroll Lock Key on Mac Book

If you want to use the scroll lock key on the mac book, you need the shortcut key to enable the scroll key. Apple company makes only two types of laptops: the mac book air and mac book pro. Only shortcut keys are available, which you use to turn on the scroll lock key.

Mac book keyboards usually don’t have a scroll lock button at the top of the PC keyboard. You will use the combination of shortcut keys to enable the ScrLK. In mac book, some features are different from other companies.

On the Apple laptop, the “Fn” key, located on the bottom of the keyboard, and “F12,” on the upper line of the keyboard buttons, have to activate the scroll lock key. Press the “Fn,” “Shift,” and “F12” to use the scroll lock key.

Press again to turn off the key. It is an easy step for users who have to search for the exact solution to remove the scroll lock in the laptop.

Scroll Lock Key is it helpful?

The scroll lock key is used in many tasks in which you used to scroll any document vertically or horizontally or explore a location on google earth. The arrows button, which is bottom right of the keyboard, helps to scroll the location or any pdf file easily.

Gamers and streamers are also used arrow buttons to move the game character smoothly. So that scroll lock helps to do many things. You will find the answer to this question about how to remove scroll lock in laptop easily if you read this article carefully.

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How to Remove Scroll Lock in Dell Laptop

How to Remove Scroll Lock in Dell Laptop

The dell series laptop’s keyboard has almost the same button places. Most laptops don’t have a scroll lock button on the physical keyboard. Go to window settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard > Turn on “On-screen keyboard.”

When the keyboard window shows on the laptop screen, search for the “ScrLK” button and click on it. After pressing the scroll button, it will activate, and you can use this feature. The same click it again, and it will deactivate.

How to Remove Scroll Lock in Excel Shortcut

Many software programs are used to make office work easier and increase your work efficiency. Excel is one of them, which is very comfortable and easy to use. In this type of software, many commands (Shortcut keys) uses to enhance task efficiency and speed.

Imagine that you are working on any project in excel, and you feel that the arrows button doesn’t work properly. You’re stuck in an excel cell. I know it is a frustrating situation but don’t worry. Read the below paragraph to get the solution.

This article explains how to remove the scroll lock in the laptop (excel) on both Windows and Mac books. The scroll keys allow you to navigate the cell in which you exist at a time. You must turn the scroll lock on if you want to move from one cell to another.

The steps which you follow if you have a Windows or Mac book.

Excel in Windows

Open the excel app in a window and go to the bottom of the excel. Right-click on the status bar, and you can see many options. See the scroll lock; it has checks or unchecks. If you want to enable it, you should check it before turning it on.

The tick only shows the scroll lock in the status bar. You have to press the combination of keys to enable the scroll lock. If you see the notification to the bottom left of the excel after checking the scroll bar, it shows on the status bar.

Excel in Mac

In Mac, almost the same method that we use in windows to check the scroll lock and show it in the status bar. If you want to deactivate the scroll lock in excel, press the keys combination. If you have the extended keyboard, you must try the F14 key to deactivate the scroll lock.

FAQs: How to Remove Scroll Lock in Laptop

Go to the windows settings and activate the on-screen keyboard. After activating it press the scroll button and turn off the scroll lock on the laptop. If you want to activate it again, click "ScrLK" and turn it on. It is an easy method to enable or disable the scroll lock.

If you have a Hp laptop and want to unlock the scroll lock, follow the instructions. Click window notification bar > all setting > ease of access > keyboard > on-screen keyboard. When the keyboard pup up on the laptop screen press “Scroll” and unlock it.


Which users who want to get the answer on how to remove scroll lock in laptop or how to enable the scroll lock on the laptop, the whole article is for you. A scroll lock enables the arrows button to move left-right or upper and down.

The scroll lock is used in excel and some window features to make the movement easier. It is important to check the location on google earth and control the character’s movement in the game. When you don’t have a mouse, these arrows are very helpful for you.