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How to put a key back on a dell laptop [Detailed Guide]

How to put a key back on a dell laptop

How to put a key back on a dell laptop

How to put a key back on a dell laptop? Open your Dell laptop as usual. When my laptop accesses my windows system, I notice that I can’t type anything. Wired, everything worked fine last time.
You can be sure. You’re not alone. Many Dell users are experiencing the same issue. More importantly, you can easily fix the problem yourself on “How to put a key back on a dell laptop”. Read this guide and follow the step-by-step guide to fix dell laptop keyboard problems.

Problems with Dell keyboards:

In most cases, these are software issues caused by driver or computer updates or changes that can usually be fixed with another update or configuration change.
The tips in this guide may not apply if your keyboard mechanically malfunctioned has been spilled or, for any reason, your keyboard has been dropped, cracked, or damaged.
If you have a hardware problem with your keyboard, you should contact a technician for repair or replacement if you do not have the technical knowledge and experience to handle it yourself.

How do I turn my Dell laptop’s keyboard back on?

To re-enable the Del keyboard, go to your laptop’s Device Manager, right-click on the keyboard driver, and select Enable.
Also, if you find that your Dell keyboard is still disabled, you need to right-click on the keyboard driver in Device Manager and then uninstall all keyboard drivers.

Restart your Dell laptop as soon as the uninstall is complete so that you can reinstall the driver on your computer when the boot is complete.

How to fix sticky keys on a Dell laptop?

It is a common problem for laptop users to have sticky keys. Whether you’re spilling a sweet drink on your keyboard or typing with dirty hands, it’s essential to clean the keyboard right away.
Food and drink residues can promote bacterial growth, make typing difficult, and permanently ruin the keyboard. Fix the adhesive keyboard of your Dell laptop with isopropyl alcohol. This quick-drying solvent removes the sticky mess without damaging the keyboard.
Step1– Turn off your Dell laptop before cleaning it.
Step2– Vacuum the keyboard with a brush attachment or portable. Apply light pressure to the keyboard in the vacuum.
Step3– Clean the tops of the keys with a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.
Step4– Clean the spaces between the keys with cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol. After drying completely, replace the keyboard.
Step5– Test the keyboard’s stickiness by turning on the laptop. According to the owner’s manual at Dell’s support website, remove the keyboard if it still doesn’t work correctly.
Step6– Replace the Dell keyboard or wash it in the dishwasher. After washing the keyboard in the dishwasher, let it dry for at least a day.

How to put a key back on a dell laptop?

Dell laptop keys attach with a clip on the underside of the key, and the retaining clip on the keyboard snaps into place. If you pull the entire key off at one time, the clips can be damaged. If you want to remove the key without breaking anything, you have to remove the clips one by one gently.
Unplug your laptop’s charger and shut it down.
Place your fingertip under one corner of the switch you want to remove and gently lift up until you hear the corner come out of the retaining clip.
Repeat step 2 for the remaining corners of the key until there is no base for the key.
Tips: If you have trouble using your fingertips, try prying the edge with the wide end of a flat-blade screwdriver. When using, special care should be taken not to rub the bottom of the key against the driver’s head.

How to Repair Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Laptop Keyboard Key?

To attach your Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series laptop keys to your keyboard, first look at the metal hooks on your keyboard.
Note the metal hooks on the keyboard. The larger metal hook can be placed on the top, bottom, right, or left. The position of the metal hook determines the position of the plastic part.
Take the large laptop key holder clips and observe. The flat part of the retaining clip hinges always faces the other side of the keyboard. Take a small plastic retaining clip and make sure you have two square sticks in the top right and bottom corners, two sticks in the middle, and one stick on the left. The middle bar goes into the middle hole of the large piece. The flat part faces the other side of the keyboard.
Place the small retaining clip over the more oversized plastic clip and insert the rod into the hole in the large piece. The laptop key retaining clip is now one piece.
Insert the bars on both sides into the metal hooks. Press evenly to add ultimately. Take a thin object or knife and stretch a piece of plastic to make a click.
Take the keycap and place it in the middle of the retaining clip. Press evenly on all four sides to attach the laptop keys to the plastic clips.
Repaired individual switches on Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series laptop switches.

How to pop a key back on a dell laptop?

It is very easy to remove the key from the laptop and almost impossible to replace it without losing or destroying many minor parts. If you’re careful and careful, you can return the keys to your Dell keyboard to make them work like new. All it takes is a steady hand and a careful eye.

  1. Start by assembling all the pieces. Take your time to examine them. Notice where the trim tabs are. Position it correctly according to the shape.
  2. The tabs on the U-shaped piece are oriented differently. Slide the tab under the metal ring on your laptop as shown.
  3. Insert the second O-shaped piece through the U-shaped piece.
  4. Attach the O-piece tabs to the laptop hooks by hooking them under them.
  5. The tabs in the O-piece should be inserted into the notches in the U-piece.
  6. Raise the tabs. Both pieces are now gently locked together. This will prevent them from lying flat. Instead, they will be raised slightly above the laptop surface.
  7. Place the critical right side up on the U and O pieces. So first click on the right side (you will hear a click!) Then press the left side of the key.
  8. When this doesn’t work, make sure the small pieces are not broken. If they are, replace them.
  9. It’s done! The new key has been installed.


How to fix the laptop keyboard keys on Dell Inspiron 1545?

If your Dell laptop keys are broken or lost, you are in the right place with all available resources to repair or repair your laptop keyboard keys. It turns out that replacing a laptop key is cheaper and easier than spending hundreds of dollars on a new keyboard. I have included a quick tutorial that explains how to replace keys on your Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. This is an additional guide and the video installation instructions above for replacing Dell Inspiron 1545 keyboard keys.
Now, to attach the new Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop key, first point the retaining clip on your keyboard in the right direction. The small plastic legs of the plastic hinges are typically spaced appropriately to determine which direction the plastic parts will move relative to the metal hooks on the keyboard bass. Carefully watch the key retaining clip on your laptop, with the flat side always facing up. Also, the plastic feet of the keycap holder clip on your laptop should always face down so that the hinges fit into the metal hooks.
Once the retaining clip is in place, lock it into the metal hook on the keyboard base. It is always easier to approach from one direction and insert the plastic clip in the other. If one direction doesn’t work, try the other. The laptop key retaining clip is now firmly attached and ready to accept the plastic keyboard. If the laptop key is of the metal support bar type, the laptop keyboard must be attached to the corresponding metal hook to be slid and pressed into the plastic retaining clip.
With the keyboard keys placed at right angles to the retaining clip, press lightly until all four corners click clearly. This indicates that the keycap is properly secured to the retaining clip. If you are unsure, gently pull up on all four corners. It’s that simple! You have successfully repaired individual keys on your Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop.

How to update your keyboard driver?

You need to take a few steps to update your Dell laptop keyboard driver.

Step 1- Uninstall external keyboard drivers

1- Each external keyboard should have its driver.
2-Select the driver by right-clicking.
3-Click “Uninstall device.”
4- Click “Restart now.”
5- Test your keyboard. If not, continue.

Step2- Remove the built-in keyboard driver

Step3- Updating the Keyboard Driver


How do I fix a loose key on my laptop?

Fixing a loose keycap If the keycap is loose and still attached to your laptop, you can usually fix it by pressing the keycap. When the keycap is reattached, you will hear a click when pressing the key. In case this does not work, we suggest removing the key so you can reconnect.

Why won’t my Dell keyboard type?

The Dell keyboard is not typing, it may be the driver, or the keyboard is broken. Keyboard drivers can suddenly get worse if you are aware.
You may also think that your Dell keyboard is locked or not working correctly if you are unaware of it.
Installing new software on your Dell laptop may corrupt your keyboard driver. This can happen if you download the software from an untrusted website.
If you recently downloaded the software, consider uninstalling it. This may be the reason why your Dell laptop is not charging.
On the other hand, if the Dell laptop on your keyboard refuses to type, it may be because the keyboard is already damaged.
You may have spilled some liquid on your Dell keyboard or dropped your Dell laptop on the floor in the past.
Either way, the Dell keyboard will need to b
e replaced to get it working again.

Avoiding future keyboard issues:

After you’ve had your keyboard replaced and working, here are some easy-to-remember tips to keep your keyboard in top condition.
First, do not install software from untrusted sites. The same is true when opening an email attachment. If you don’t know what’s open, don’t. These are good guidelines for staying safe from viruses, but installing random apps often results in unwanted side effects like keyboard issues.
Second, avoid eating or drinking anything but the water near the keyboard. Spills can be disastrous, but accidentally spilling some water on wood isn’t the end of the world.
Finally, clean the keyboard thoroughly at least once a month with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Helps prevent keys from getting stuck or disconnecting over time.


To conclude, I think the above method showing how to get the key back on my Dell laptop should have fixed the problem by now.
If you are considering dell laptop key replacement parts, we recommend that you consult a professional first so they can properly check your Dell keyboard and let them know if you need to replace it. Visit our website for further such type of quality content and laptop reviews.

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