How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max? A Complete Guide.

How to make laptop screen brighter than max

How to make laptop screen brighter than max

How to increase the brightness of the laptop? Do you think this is possible? Yes, that’s the simple answer. During recent circulars, the user automatically adjusts the screen brightness to have the best experience function.
A laptop adjusts the brightness by reducing the brightness in a busy environment, blinding the screen’s brightness, and eliminating the upcoming bright environment.
In addition, recent laptops have a hotkey that can adjust the brightness. However, we are working under lightning extremes. In that case, you may need a more apparent screen. This article is a guide on how to increase laptop brightness. Because it consumes more battery, clarity may not be the solution.
In Windows 7 or 10, the laptop or PC’s battery adaptive function is turned on by default. Battery life will be longer. Increasing the clarity of your Windows is easier than you think. Follow this guide, and you will get there. Let’s move forward together.

How to make the screen brighter

There are several options for how to make your screen brighter, how to increase/decrease the brightness of hp laptop,Also how to adjust brightness on windows 10 or Windows 7.
Learn How to make my laptop screen brighter than normal with no extra effort. let’s see…!

By applying the Keyboard:

How to make the screen brighter
There are many ways to adjust your laptop screen brightness, but using your keyboard’s keys is the easiest way to accomplish this task. Look for the brightness icon on your keyboard. This icon looks like the sun.
This icon is usually above the “F” key on your keyboard. Just press the appropriate key on your keyboard until you find the brightness you need.

Adjust your brightness by using apps:

Screen brightness can also be maximized by using various apps. Android owners can take advantage of the app’s screen brightness features. One of the best apps to customize the brightness is the “Lux” app and the “Lamin” app with CF. Brightness customization in these applications depends on location and time of day.

Set the Brightness by Calibration:

If the screen does not glow brightly to support a specified image, it should be adjusted. Recently, Windows 10 services have a sound processing expert to support this process.
Follow the procedure described.

  1. Click PC Settings in the start menu.
  2. Click System and Display, select Advanced Display Settings, and then click Plug Properties.
  3. The Color Control tab will appear on your screen and click the color control and configuration tab.

How to increase the brightness of the HP laptop?

To brighten the display, hold down the fn key and press f10 or this key repeatedly. To minimize the display, hold down the fn key and press f9 or this key often. On some laptops models, you don’t need to press the fn key to adjust the brightness. Use f2 or f3 to modify the setting.
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What are the operating system settings for adjusting brightness? 

You can also use the software parameters of your operating system to control the display’s luminance. Here are some ways to adjust it:

  • Windows 10 
  • Windows 7

Go to the Settings app from the Start menu or the Home screen, select System, then Appearance. Click or tap and drag the “Change brightness level” slider to adjust its brightness.
If Windows 7 or 8 doesn’t have a Settings app, make sure you go to the Control Panel for this feature.

How to make laptop screen brighter than max Windows 10

How to make laptop screen brighter than max Windows 10
With Windows 10, you can adjust the brightness of your screen.

  • Select Start > Settings > System > Appearance. Under [Brightness and Color], move the slider and select [Adjust Brightness] to adjust the brightness.
  • On some computers, Windows may automatically adjust the screen brightness based on current lighting conditions.
  • Note:

Windows 10 offers multiple methods for increasing the resolution even more. Here are some simple ways to help you:

  1. Using the Keyboard Hotkeys
  2. Using the Windows Action Center
  3. By using windows mobility center
  4. Using the Control Panel

Increase/ Decrease brightness on windows 10 Via Keyboard Hotkeys

Most modern laptops have a single keypad to increase or decrease screen brightness. These “hotkeys” are usually found on the top row of the Keyboard, the traditional function keys (F1, F2, F3 …). Their mark has the mark of the sun. Depending on keyboard settings, you can press the FN function button on your Keyboard and the + or – key for simultaneous use of the flashlight. Each time you click the hotkey light, a slider appears in the upper left corner of the screen to show the percentage of the current light level. You can also adjust the brightness by using the same slider as the mouse pointer.

How to adjust brightness on windows 10 Via Windows Action Center

Click the callout icon on the taskbar in the lower-right corner of the screen to open the Windows Action Center pane. Alternatively, press the Windows key + A key on your keyboard pad. One of the four layers of the Action Center has a sun-shaped sign. This is the tile/resolution adjustment button. Press once or twice to set the required brightness and level (0, 25, 50, 75, or 100 percent). You can also check our list of Best laptop for zoom teaching.

How to adjust brightness on windows 10 via windows mobility center

How to adjust brightness on windows 10 via windows mobility center

  • Use the Windows + X key or right-click on the start menu to access the user task menu.
  • If you do not have a mobility center, press B
  • Once the mobility center is open, adjust the brightness.

How to adjust brightness on windows 10 via Control Panel

  •  Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sounds> Power Options.
  •  Under the power interface, you will see the slider brightness screen. Just drag to increase or decrease the screen brightness of your laptop.

You have now shared important ways to adjust the screen resolution on your Windows 10 laptop. Please select according to your needs. With an external monitor connected to a desktop computer, this method may not work. To change the resolution, you need to click the physical button on your browser.

How to make laptop screen brighter than max Windows 7

Windows 7 brightness feature does not appear in the control panel, and you may not be able to fix the brightness even if you update the driver.
Getting the brightness right on Windows 7 is tricky, but the CareUEyes third-party app lets you adjust the brightness.

How do I make my laptop screen brighter on Windows 7 in a simple way:

  1. By using the Brightness slider 
  2. By Retrieve the lost Brightness Slider 
  3. By using f.lux to adjust Monitor 

How to make your screen brighter via the Brightness slider:

How to make your screen brighter via the Brightness slider
Please note that this method is only applicable to laptops.

  •  Click the Power Options icon in the system tray to select it. This icon is like a laptop battery icon. If you don’t see the Power Options icon in your system tray, open Control Panel from the Start menu and select Power Options.
  • In the Power Options window, click the link Adjust screen brightness.
  • At the bottom is a slider that allows you to adjust the screen brightness. By lowering the laptop’s screen brightness, you can extend its battery life.

How to make laptop screen brighter than max via Retrieve the lost Brightness Slider:

  1. Click to select the Start menu, type .devmgmt.MSc in the search frame and press Enter to open Device Manager. Device Manager, you review and adjust all hardware settings on your laptop. The missing brightness slider can be due to a software error or a driver error. You can check it from the Monitor.
  • Extend your Monitor. The screen displays a list of various items such as disk drives, display adapters, and keyboards. Click the arrow next to Expand Monitor.
  • To access Monitor’s properties, right-click on it and choose Properties.
  • Navigate to the Driver tab.
  • You must click Uninstall. In this window 7, check the box Delete the driver software for this device and click OK to confirm.
  • Wait a few minutes and uninstall the driver. This process takes a few minutes; uninstalling the driver updates the list in Device Manager. Now you can see that there are no other monitor items.


  • Click the Scan button for hardware changes in the same Device Manager corner. This is a small square button with a magnifying glass image in front of the computer icon. Click this button to scan for new hardware installed on your system (or, in this case, no drivers installed).
  • Start your laptop again.
  • After restarting your laptop, click Power Options in the system tray to get the restored Brightness Slider slider and adjust the screen brightness.

How to make the screen brighter via f.lux to adjust Monitor:

How to make the screen brighter via f.lux to adjust Monitor

  • Download f.lux software. This application adjusts the screen’s brightness according to daylight and the room’s illumination. This program can adjust the screen brightness for easy viewing at night.
  • After downloading f.lux, double-click the setup file to install the program.
  • Now select your location. F.lux uses your location to automatically change the color of your screen as the sun rises and sets in your area.
  • Choose the lighting for your room. Let f.lux know what type of light you need to enter to make the screen color to program the room’s light. This reduces the roughness of the screen at night but is normal during the day.
  • If f.lux does not work correctly, please update your graphics card driver. This is the easiest way to fix most of the errors you may encounter with f.lux.

When Windows 7 comes up with the brightness box, how do I remove it?

The path is slightly different for others who have Windows 7:

  • Click the right mouse button.
  • You can choose the create resolution at the bottom (usually).
  • Select the Advanced tab (on the right).
  • The On-Screen Display (tab at the top) will appear.
  • Click Apply or OK after setting the fadeout time.


It is essential to make sure the screen is bright enough to see what you are doing and what is important to you and your work. I can’t change the screen, how do I make my laptop screen brighter? 
On laptops, the screen is the gateway to all digital. It’s what you see when you’re on your computer, and it makes you feel connected to the rest of the world. Therefore, it is a very important part of the laptop. If your laptop screen has some issue, broken or malfunctioning you can check our detailed guide of How Much Does Laptop Screen Repair Cost you can check it out as well.
I believe this article has solved the problem of how to make laptop screen brighter than max, how to increase the brightness of hp laptop, and how to decrease the brightness of laptop. I think all the information will satisfy you.
Anyway, if you have additional requests or want to add something, or if it’s too complicated, let us know in the comments area.
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