How To Make Games Run Better On Laptop

How To Make Games Run Better On Laptop

How to make games run better on laptop, we narrate every detail related to games and how to boost your laptop. There are specific issues behind the slow-running laptop. Let’s find out the reasons and make your games run better on your laptop.

Sometimes we see users have reported even new and virtuous laptops lagging and freezing. Mainly these issues happen with windows 10, 8, and 7 while playing games, launching programs, or watching videos.

So frustrating when your laptop is slow or even freezing, so you want to know how to make games run better on the laptop. Stay with us for sure; you will obtain the solution.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to speed up your laptop. Here we discover how to keep games running smoothly on your laptop.

How To Make Games Run Faster On Laptop Windows10

If you have windows 10 and want to know how to make games run faster on laptop windows 10, here we give you some tips for gaming on a windows 10 laptop.

Windows 10 is the best OS for gamers, but some tweaks are required to enjoy the best gaming experience.

1- Graphic Settings

By exchanging old graphics cards, you can quickly improve the game on a laptop, but on some laptops, we find out the graphic chip is consolidated into the system board, so it cannot be removable.

Keep your windows 10 drivers updated for improved gaming performance.

2- Modify Game Settings

To modify game settings, we need to be on the game mode; Game mode is one of the critical windows settings for gaming. When the game mode is on, windows optimize your PC to play.

3- For Online Gaming On Windows 10

If you are playing online on a remote server for windows 10 gaming, network traffic may cause problems.

Make sure your internet should be faster to cope with the situation. If your internet speed is fast, it will help you to play online games easily.

4- Disable Automatic Updates

Windows 10 will automatically update your OS and schedule a restart without any warnings. Even downloading updates will limit your network connectivity.

Unfortunately, you cannot disable the automatic restart, but you can reduce the chance of windows updates by pausing the updates that delay installation for up to 7 days.

Steam Games Running Slow On Windows 10

Steam games are running slow on windows 10. If you use windows 10, you have to buy and install games through steam. But steam updating features is very irritating.

It may block you from preventing automatic updates across all your games. To update games you don’t play or limit your connectivity with background updates. How to make games run better on laptop.

Steam is the leading gaming client software for windows. But some users face problems that steam clients may slow down desktops and laptops. Here we discuss all the causes.

Causes Games Running Slow On Windows 10

  1. Maybe your steam browser pileup with so much data in its cache and cookies that there is no space left; this may lead to slow performance.
  2. Proxy servers may also slow down windows performance. If a proxy server is open on your laptop, it can make steam do extra work.
  3. If steam has no administrator rights, it may create problems. Steam needs these rights to be able to work without interference.
  4. Graphic cards are also a cause that you face with steam games. Maybe your laptop uses Navida graphic processors, which may cause a problem.
  5. Sometimes your steam client may not work accurately because your game files may be corrupted or some files are missing.
  6. Sometimes laptops do not provide optimal application performance with the correct resource allocation.

How To Make Laptop Faster Without Format?

If you want to know How to make laptop faster without format? Well, we all want a laptop that works at an ideal speed. But sometimes it doesn’t work, and we do not know how to make it faster.

In this paragraph, you will find different ways to boost your laptop without formatting. Below are some suggestions that will help you speed up your laptop.

1- Hard Disk Space

Check your hard disk space; if you see your hard disk is complete, you have to remove some files and programs to improve speed. There are lots of cleanup programs that can help you to free up hard drive space.

2- Backup Data

It might be a good idea to back up your data. You can backup it online through google photos, amazon drive, dropbox, etc., or an external hard drive is also saved in your files.

It allows your laptop to free up space on its Ram and OS.

3- Delete Internet Browsing History

Deleting browsing history is also helping to run your laptop smoothly and fast.

4- Delete Unnecessary Files

Temporary files used in an installation process, caches, and cookies from the internet can take up a lot of space on your hard disk.

5- Restart your laptop

Shutting down or restarting your system once a week will help speed it up. It refreshes your computer and promotes essential tools to run maintenance on it.

6- Upgrade Your Ram

Much of your computer performance is based on its RAM; it allows your system to work on multiple operations. To improve the performance, you should upgrade your RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB.

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How To Make Laptop Faster Using CMD

How To Make Laptop Faster Using CMD

Suppose you have a windows laptop and want to know how to make laptop faster using Cmd. Don’t you worry about that? Just read the instruction carefully.

  • Click on the start button and type cmd in the menu. Run command prompt by right-clicking on the command prompt and selecting “Run As Administrator.”
  • A window title user account control will pop up. Click on the yes button.
  • The command prompt windows will open, copy the following command and paste it inside the command prompt windows and enter. Command 1 fsutil behavior query memory usage
  • Copy another command Fsutil behavior set memory usage 2. And paste it inside command prompt windows and enter.
  • In the last close the command prompt and restart your laptop.

How to increase fps on a laptop on Windows 10

Before we answer how to increase fps on a laptop on windows 10, we slightly describe to you what fps is. Fps stands for “Frames per second”.

It mentions the frequency for which the following images appear on the screen. For instance, 1 fps means you can only see one image each second. As a game lover, your attention is on fps in the game for better visuals, but sometimes fps fluctuate to a low level.

In this context, you will get free methods to make games run better on a laptop and get better fps.


  1. Kill irrelevant processes and disable startup items
  2. Scan for viruses and malware
  3. Update graphics drivers
  4. Decrease screen resolution
  5. Commute power and performance option settings
  6. Cleanup disk
  7. Interrogate hard drive
  8. Check disk for errors
  9. Overlock your laptop
  10. Use the fps booster program

How To Make Old Laptop Faster

Before you through your old laptop because that is slow, hold on and try some tips we are given below on how to make an old laptop faster.

How To Make Old Laptop Faster

Working with a slow laptop is difficult, so we will discuss how you can speed up your slow laptop. We will be discussing system performance issues focusing on windows 10.

1- Programs Running On Startup

Programs that automatically run on startup may slow down your laptop; except for antivirus software, others are redundant. It would help if you disabled the high impact once. To disable, right-click and hit Disable.

2- Update Windows Drivers

Drivers and apps should be up to date for the performance of your windows operating system

3- Uninstall Unnecessary Software

Maybe your laptop is loaded with an unnecessary application that is not in use. They eat up system resources. So remove them from your laptop and free up disk space.

How To Make HP Laptop Faster

To speed up your hp laptop, we explain some ways to make the hp laptop faster. The operating system can impact a big difference on which one you have, while you can make some upgrades to your laptop to make it run faster.

Different types of software are available to help you get rid of old files. Some programs can also alert you to files and software that may cause a slow computer.

Here are some ways that help you to speed up your hp laptop

  • Uninstall unnecessary files
  • Limit startup programs
  • Install RAM on your laptop
  • Scan for viruses
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Check the web browser

FAQS: How To Make Games Run Better On Laptop?

How to make your laptop faster for gaming? Here we will describe your laptop’s internal settings. Go to the start button and click on the system.

It opens up with the system information. Click the options system protection, see system properties go up and click on the advanced option. Here you will get the option performance. You get a simple option you can choose.

How to make steam games run faster on laptop. Browser data is one factor behind steam running slow. The game client software includes integrated browsers with which users can browse the steam store.

Many steam users have confirmed that clearing the software web browser's cache and cookies fixes the issue moreover, excessive download data can also bog down steam. Clear the steam download cache might boost the software.


In this article, we try to give you the most straightforward methods to make games run better on laptops. Predominantly we try to discuss windows 10. In this article, you will get all the answers related to gaming on windows 10.

Usually, the delay issue in laptops can be caused by hardware and software. To get rid of this, ensure your CPU runs at full power if its performance is poor, try to replace the old one.

Another reason may be low FPS, higher quality graphics and the ability to install mods are essential.

As a gamer, you know that every frame and every second are counted. In determining who loses and who wins, grasping every possible inch performance out of your machine can be super helpful to your success.