How to Get Sound From Laptop To Tv With HDMI? [100% Guide]

How to Get Sound From Laptop To Tv With HDMI?

Worried about How to Get Sound from laptop to TV with HDMI? No need to worry anymore because we have got your back. We’ll solve your problem whether you’re using the cable the first time or having issues after connecting.

HDMI is perhaps the most repeatedly used HD signals interface in laptops for transmitting high-definition audio and video signals over a cable to an external screen, like flat-panel TV. Unquestionably it’s cable of preference in-home entertainment market.

You can connect multiple devices to HDMI cables like digital tv, blue ray, apple Tv Play station, Xbox, and much more. HDMI cable is also becoming immensely popular in corporate and commercial for educational and business purposes.

HDMI is a digital interface single-cable solution for combined HD videos and audios, substituting analog solutions, which require separate cables for audio and video cables like VGA (Video Graphic Array) and Audio Jack.

There are eight diverse categories of HDMI cables available in the market. These diverse cable categories are available for multiple kinds of Bandwidth as per video resolution.

How to Get Sound from Laptop to Tv With HDMI?

HDMI cable no sound on TV? We have got a solution for you. No sound from laptop to tv has several reasons, including HDMI not selected as the default drive, sound drivers not updated, and several hardware issues.

Laptop to Tv HDMI No Sound Windows 10

1- Setting HDMI As the default device on Windows 10

Laptop to Tv HDMI No Sound Windows 10

You need to follow the following steps to permit the audio for the television with an HDMI cable on windows 10.

  1. First, you need to attach your laptop and TV with the HDML cable and ensure that the connection is secure.
  2. Then click on the speaker icon on the toolbar.
  3. From the menu, click on playback devices.
  4. Click on the empty area of the window that appeared.
  5. Click on disconnected devices.
  6. Again, right-click on the empty area and click show disabled devices.
  7. From different options, right-click on AMD HDMI output
  8. After that, click on enable from the menu.
  9. Again, right-click on AMD HDMI output and click on the default device.

Make sure that you use a 3.5mm length HDMI cable for speakers to consider it the default device. Moreover, remember that every Tv or any other hardware device has a different interface and different solutions to adjust the sound.

2- Updating the Drivers

Sometimes errors occur, like the HDMI cable not being plugged in. In such cases, all you need to do is to update or roll back the driver to solve the problem of how to get sound from laptop to tv with HDMI? For this, you need to do the following simple steps.

  1. Click on the start button and search device manager.
  2. Click on sound, video, and game controller from the device manager video.
  3. It will expand the sound, video, and game controller, and drivers will appear for HDMI, Headset, and Realtek High-Definition Audio.
  4. Double click on AMD High definition Audio Device.
  5. Click on the driver tab and update the driver.
  6. Then select Search Automatically for Driver from the dialogue box.
  7. Make sure that your laptop has an active and secure internet connection.
  8. Windows will automatically search for the drivers and install them on your laptop.
  9. If that does not work, click on the rollback driver that works immensely well for the video graphic card users.
  10. Likewise, you can also manually install drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s website and searching the recent sound driver. Make sure that you choose the drivers compatible with your windows 10 version.

Now, you can connect your laptop with an external hardware device using an HDML cable, and you will get the video and audio simultaneously.

3- Using Windows Troubleshoot

Many people face problems like how to get sound from laptop to tv with HDMI, and even after fixing and checking everything, the problem remains unresolved. To fix this, one should run windows troubleshoot.

Press the window on the keyboard and then search for the troubleshooting setting on the search bar. Then click on open on the right side of the menu. Troubleshoot settings will open. Here select additional troubleshoot.

Furthermore, click on the playing audio under the get up running section. Finally, click runs on troubleshooter. A set of instructions will appear to follow them as advised and apply the fixes as recommended.

How to Enable HDMI Audio in Laptop

After you hooked up everything from your computer to your television and it’s still not working. Additionally, it would help if you restarted your computer. As sometimes, it is necessary to reboot your computer to rearrange everything.

Reasons for HDMI Sound Not Working on Tv

Sometimes the problem of how to get sound from laptop to tv with HDMI can be caused by the fragmented hardware devices. The person needs to test the hardware devices if the sound issue persists.

1- Damaged Cable

First, you need to make sure that your cable is not damaged or if there are abraded or bare wires. Also, check that the HDMI cables are not excessively tight so that they may loosen easily. Most of the time, the no sound is because of the broken cable.

Suppose issues like scattered images, no video sound, or problems with the handshake (the capacity to identify and communicate media and devices) occur. In that case, there can be a possibility that your HDMI cable is damaged. You use a new cable to verify the actual hardware problem.

2- Output Port Problem

The possibility of a damaged port equally persists. Use the HDMI cable on the other port of the monitor or Tv to check if the port is working fine or not. Likewise, ensure that you are using the new version LED, LCD, or any other hardware compatible with HDMI cables.

3- Problem with Monitor

Inspect and determine if the volume of the monitor speaker is not muted or lower down. If there is no problem with the monitor, then connect the monitor with some other laptop or PC. Visit this article if want detailed guide on Can you use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox?

How to Get Sound from Laptop to Tv with HDMI Mac?

Mac computers support HDMI cables and adapters to connect them with tv or any other HDMI device. Many Mac computers and laptops have a built-in HDMI port supporting resolutions of Up to 4K at 60Hz and Up to 4K at 30Hz on these Mac models.

Display resolution up to 4K at 60Hz to the HDMI port on Mac studios 2022, Mac Mini 2018, Mac Pro 2019, MacBook pro-2021, and 4K at 30Hz display resolution on Mac Mini 2012, Mac Pro 2013, and Mac Book Pro 2012.

How to Get Sound from Laptop to Tv with HDMI Mac

If the HDMI isn’t getting audio signals from your Mac Computer, you should check your Mac computer’s sound settings. Go to the Apple menu, select system preferences, and click on the sound option.

Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click Sound. In the Output pane, make sure that your HDMI device is selected. After doing this, click on the output in the menu and select HDMI device.

Unrecognizing Display

If a Mac computer is unrecognizing the display of a tv, multimedia screen, or any other HDMI device, you should first turn off the HDMI device while your Mac pc is still turned on.

Following this, unplug the HDMI cable from the Mac computer, plug it in again, and then turn on your HDMI device to check if the problem is solved.

FAQS: How to Get Sound from Laptop to Tv With HDMI?

How to Enable HDMI Audio in Laptop?

As explained in this article, you can enable HDMI audio on your laptop by clicking on the device manager. Then click on and view and select show hidden devices. Expand the system devices by double-clicking on them.

After double-clicking, search High-Definition Audio Controller and right-click on it. Then click on properties. A window will appear to click on the drives tab and enable devices.

Why is HDMI Sound Not Working On Samsung TV?

A loose connection between your Samsung tv and laptop often causes sound problems. Disconnect the cable with the external device and try it. Furthermore, you can also reset the smart hub of the Samsung TV to remove the glitch in it.

Press the Home button of your Tv remote, use the directional arrow, select settings, and select support. Click on device care and select self-diagnostics. After doing this, select reset smart hub, enter the Tv pin, and it will automatically reset the smart hub of the Tv.


This article describes several solutions to overcome the problem of how to get sound from laptop to tv with HDMI? The issue faced by many people. People face audio and video-related problems whenever they connect their tv with a laptop via HDMI cable.

Issues like these are caused by several factors like HDMI cable not being selected as the default device, updating drive hardware issues, unenabled sound in the settings, output port problems, etc.

Additional explanations could be absent or old graphics drives and some software problems with the laptop. All sound problems can be solved using different methods if the cable is properly plugged into the system and is not damaged.

One also needs to make sure that the laptop and Tv are not outdated and support HDMI cable. After checking everything, one should set HDMI as a default device, update drivers, enable audio controllers, use window troubleshoot to detect the problem and recheck Tv and laptop sound properties.