How to Enable touchpad on HP Laptop Windows 10? [Complete Guide]

How to Enable touchpad on HP Laptop Windows 10

How to Enable touchpad on HP Laptop Windows 10?

Every laptop is equipped with a touchpad. Mostly, people are unaware of how to enable touchpad on HP laptop windows 10? A laptop’s touchpad is one of its most vital components and missing its benefits is not the proper thing.

In a modern internet-savvy generation, laptops are the most prevalent productivity gadgets. They are not only portable but also powerful, convenient, and efficient. Having touchpad issues can significantly undermine your productivity.

Most people are unaware of how to enable touchpad on HP laptop windows 10? You can find important tips in this article about it. This article is the definitive guide on laptop touchpads and we hope that when you’re done reading it, you’ll be a bit of an adept yourself.

How to Enable touchpad on HP Laptop Windows 10?

Enabling touchpad on HP laptop can be very easy, provided that you have required information and here it is. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be good to go with a working touchpad.

1. Opening Settings On The Start Menu Icon

Click the “Start Menu” icon there; you will see the gear icon for “Windows Settings.”

This method will only operate if you can navigate menus. You can also use the keyboard if you don’t have an external mouse. To open the touchpad Settings menu, hit the Windows key, type “touchpad,” and press Enter. You can skip the next steps that require the use of a mouse.

Some laptops have a hotkey that activates/deactivates the touchpad, so check your laptop’s manual to see if it has an FN + F1-12 hotkey that will activate/enable it instead of going through the Settings > Touchpad menu.

2. Opening The Devices Icon In Settings

In settings, click “Devices .”It is usually in the second column next to a system and phone icon.

3. Opening Touchpad in Devices

Now look in Devices. There is an option for “Touchpad” click it. You’ll see this in the menu on the left side of the window next to an icon of a mouse.

4. Clicking Switch to Enable Touchpad

Click the switch to enable it under “Touchpad .”There are also other settings for your touchpad here, including the cursor speed; you can also change these.

If you’re not using a mouse, you may tap the Tab key until the touchpad toggle switch is highlighted (usually 3 times), then tap the Space key to switch/turn it on.

HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Windows

How To Enable Touchpad On HP Laptop Windows 7

It’s natural to be annoyed when your laptop’s touchpad stops working, but there’s no need to worry. Fortunately, there are methods for resolving the most frequent touchpad not functioning difficulties in Windows 10.

Here are some alternatives if your HP laptop’s touchpad isn’t working. You don’t have to attempt all of them; work your way down until your problem is resolved.

1. Enable the Touchpad Service for your laptop

When you disable the touchpad, your laptop’s touchpad stops operating. So, to resolve the issue, check and enable the touchpad on your laptop. To enable the touchpad on your HP laptop, you have two options.

Method 1: Check the dot at the upper left corner

On the Touchpad pane, there is usually a dot in the upper left corner, so double-tap the dot in the top left to enable the HP Touchpad.

Method 2: Enable the Touchpad in Settings

For enabling the touchpad, see Heading two of the article.

2. Update the Touchpad Driver

The missing or outdated Touchpad driver can cause your laptop touchpad to stop operating, so you can update your Touchpad driver to resolve the issue.

There are two methods to update the Touchpad driver.

Method 1: Manually Update the Touchpad Driver

You can update the touchpad driver by searching the driver from the manufacturer, then download and install the driver into your laptop. Make sure to download the driver compatible with your Windows Operating System. It requires time and skills.

Method 2: Automatically Update the Touchpad Driver

If you are unfamiliar with tinkering with drivers, Driver Easy can do it for you automatically. Driver Easy will detect your Windows system and locate the appropriate driver for your video adapter. You don’t have to risk downloading the incorrect Touchpad driver.

3. Troubleshoot the hardware issue

If the touchpad on your HP laptop is still not working, you can try the troubleshooting utility in Windows to automatically fix the hardware issue detected. Follow these steps:

1. Opening Devices in Control Panel

Open Control Panel on your laptop, and click Troubleshooting. From there, go to Hardware and Sound. Now click Device.

2. Waiting for Troubleshooting to Finish

Now, click Next, then wait for the troubleshooting process to finish.

3. Fixing detected issues

To automatically resolve the detected errors, follow the on-screen wizard. Reboot your laptop and try your touchpad.

After getting to know how to enable touchpad on HP laptop windows 10? You also came to know what to do if the touchpad not working. The above-written methods are the effective solutions to fix HP Touchpad not working.

Cursor Not Working On HP Laptop

Cursor Not Working On HP Laptop

Why Is My Cursor Not Working On My HP Laptop?

Check whether the laptop touchpad has been accidentally switched off or disabled. You may have accidentally disabled your touchpad, in which case you should double-check and, if necessary, re-enable the HP touchpad. Double-tapping the top left corner of your touchpad is the most popular remedy.

What To Do When Your Cursor Is Not Working?

The first step is to look for any keyboard buttons with an icon that looks like a touchpad with a line across it. Press it to check whether the pointer moves again. If not, try the top row of function keys on your keyboard.

Typically, there is a combination of Fn, F3, F5, F9, or F11 (depending on the make of your laptop, and you might need to consult your laptop manual to find it).

You can also pick the Touchpad settings option in the search results by clicking the Windows key and entering the touchpad. You can reset the touchpad by clicking the Reset button in the Touchpad window. Try it if the touchpad works.

How To Enable Touchpad On HP Laptop Windows 7?

As we’ve already learned how to enable touchpad on HP laptop windows 10? Wondering how to do it in Windows 7? To enable the touchpad in Windows 7. Follow the following steps.

1. Open Control Panel

Go to Start Menu and then go to Control Panel.

2. Go to Touchpad

Now in Control Panel, double click on “Mouse .”The touchpad settings are usually on their tab, perhaps labeled as “Device Settings” or such. Click that tab.

3. Enabling Touchpad

Now click the enable option and enable the touchpad.

HP Touchpad Erratic Cursor Movement

Does your touchpad or trackpad have trouble clicking, scrolling, or zooming? Are gesture controls not working properly? If your laptop’s touchpad is not functioning properly, here’s what to do.

1. Clean the Touchpad

It’s gross to consider, but your laptop may accumulate a lot of filth, dust, and skin oils. If it’s been a while since you gave it a once-over, grab a soft cloth, dampen it with water (or isopropyl alcohol, if required), and wipe the touchpad.

2. Adjust your Settings

Not all touchpads are created equal, but chances are your laptop’s drivers will allow you to change a few settings, enabling you to modify how your touchpad responds to your actions. Change the touchpad’s sensitivity by going to Settings > Devices > Touchpad.

Multi-touch gestures could also be causing you problems, so disable them if you find yourself invoking them inadvertently. Go to Settings > Devices > Mouse > Additional Mouse Options to enable or disable Enhance Pointer Precision.

3. Download new Drivers

If your laptop hasn’t automatically updated to the latest touchpad drivers, you may notice that certain enhancements have been made recently. Go to your laptop’s manufacturer’s website, such as HP, and enter the model number into their help page. Manually download the most recent driver, install it on your PC, and see if it works.

4. Use Only One Finger

It will sound stupid, but hear me out, similar to the iPhone 4; you might be holding it wrong. Changing how you lay your hand on the laptop might help improve its responsiveness.

FAQs – How to Enable touchpad on HP Laptop Windows 10?

Hold down the Fn key on your keyboard and press the touchpad key (or F7, F8, F9, or F5, depending on the laptop model). Drag your fingertip across the touchpad to test if it is functioning.

How do I Unfreeze the Cursor on my Laptop

Sometimes it happens because your laptop may need to be restarted. An HP laptop that does not have a mouse working is not the most prevalent reason, but it is one of the simplest. To restart your laptop with a frozen mouse, use CTRL + ALT + DEL.

The reasons for the continuous mouse freeze include improper, corrupt, or outdated drivers, malware/viruses, technical issues like low batteries, a connectivity issue such as a damaged or loose cord, a corrupt Windows registry, etc. Sometimes Windows keeps freezing, leading the cursor to get stuck.

Final Remarks

The touchpad is one of the most significant components of a laptop and one cannot function properly with a problematic touchpad.

This instructional guide can teach you how to enable touchpad on HP laptop windows 10? and help you find answers to other related queries.

Enabling a touchpad on your laptop is not difficult; you can easily enable or disable it anytime. Several events can occur, causing your cursor and touchpad to become stuck. These events are briefly discussed above to provide you with adequate knowledge to get rid of these issues.

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