How To Enable Function Keys in Lenovo Laptop?

How To Enable Function Keys in Lenovo Laptop

Sometimes keys don’t work on your Lenovo laptop, and we think about how to enable function keys in Lenovo laptop. Function keys are really important because they can perform many functions readily.
If you bought a new Lenovo laptop, facing this issue is quite likely. It can happen due to many reasons. You may have changed settings for function keys in Lenovo laptop or some software you installed might have done it.
But don’t worry. We’re going to tell you all about how to enable function keys in your Lenovo laptop. There are various methods covered here. So, learn and apply them easily.

How to enable function keys in Lenovo laptop

Let’s get started. For the permanent removal of these function keys issues, you can follow all these steps.

Step 1: Restart Your Laptop

You need to restart your laptop to enter the BIOS setup. The settings for enabling function keys are available there. So, shut down all the running applications and click on restart your laptop from the Start Menu.

Step 2: Enter BIOS Setup

When the screen awakes after shutting down, keep pressing the F12 key to enter BIOS setup. You’ll see a dialogue box in which there is a setting option. Click on settings and then click on BIOS setup.

Step 3: Enable Function Keys

In the BIOS setting, you’ll see the option of “Post Behaviour”. Click on it and go to the “Lock Mode”. Here, you’ll see an option to enable or disable the function keys. Click on “Enable”, then click on “OK” to apply the new settings and exit from there.

Step 4: Restart Your Laptop

Your laptop will automatically restart with the new settings and the function keys enabled. Now, you got the answer to how to enable function keys in a Lenovo laptop.
By using this method you can easily enable your function keys.

How To Enable Function Keys in Bios Lenovo?

You need to restart your laptop to enter the BIOS settings in the Lenovo laptop. Press F12 when the screen awakes after the shut-down. A dialogue box will appear and click on BIOS settings. From there, go to Lock Mode.
Here, you’ll see the option for enabling or disabling the function keys. Click on “Enable” and then on “OK” to apply the settings. Then, click on “Exit” after applying your settings. Your laptop will start automatically with the new settings.

How to change function keys on Lenovo laptop window 10?

If you recently update your window especially, window 10 then you might face this problem. Here we get a solution for you. Firstly, restart your Lenovo laptop. By continuously pressing the F12 function key of the laptop.
How to change function keys on Lenovo laptop window 10
A new dialogue box is open, so we go to the option of another set. Here you click on the BIOS setting. Now, click on the post behavior option go to the option of lock mode.
By clicking, lock mode you can enable the function key of your laptop. This problem is due to the update of Lenovo laptop window10 especially; by using this method you can remove this problem.

Lenovo Keyboard Key Description

Here, you can find how to use function keys in a Lenovo laptop.


In general, clicking on f1 can mute or unmute your audio. And if you turn off your laptop it remains muted and red light is shown until you unmute it.
How To Enable Function Keys in Bios Lenovo
If you do all the settings that we have already mentioned. Then by pressing f1 a help center of your browser, chrome, and any other site will open.


Normally, f2 has two functions. One is that it can lower your volume. And the important function of this key is that by pressing the fn key and f2 key together you can easily rename your files. It can help you a lot in renaming your file.
The very important thing about this function is that it can save you time a lot. By using this function, you can rename your thousands of files in a very short time. Otherwise, by clicking right then going to the option of renaming that file it is very boring.


Now we discuss the functions of the f3 key. It is the opposite of the F2 key which means it can increase your speaker volume. On the other hand, it can also be helpful for you in searching for an application.
And it’s quite interesting to know that now you can directly search on a web browser and also search about the text on these webs.


The F4 key on Lenovo laptop is used to mute or unmute the microphone. There is as such no important function that relates to our main heading on how to enable function keys in a Lenovo laptop.
Pressing this key on your desktop screen along with the Alt key can give you the dialogue box of restarting your laptop or shutting it down.


The use of the f5 key is that it can help you to refresh or reload your websites or any other application. By refreshing your sites you can get the new information immediately which is quite interesting.
This function key helps you a lot in keeping dim your light. That means it also keeps your screen brightness lower and darker your LED display.


The function of this key is you can directly jump to the URL or search bar. On the other hand, its function is opposite to the F5 key as f5 helps you to decrease your brightness so this key helps you to increase your brightness.
Keep that in our mind that the other functions that help you to jump on the URL or a search bar only work when you enable your Lenovo laptop setting.


If you don’t enable your Lenovo laptop then this function key helps to access the option to manage the external display.
If you learn how to enable function keys in Lenovo laptop then this function key works differently its major use is in MS word as a spelling checker.


If you type your work on MS word then what you should do now…obviously, you want to save your document. At that time you need this function key. This function key not only saves your documents but also selects all of your files and documents.
If you are traveling with your Lenovo laptop and you are on a flight. This function key helps you to turn on/off your flight mode.


This function key assists you to access the Lenovo laptop setting. And we can manage our laptop settings. On the other hand, this key helps you to refresh your MS word documents. And receives the email.
You can not only receive your email but also send your email through this function key. Overall, its main purpose is to access you to the laptop setting.


In this technology era, this function key can turn off/on your Bluetooth. And connect your device with others so that you can easily transfer your data or any other file with the help of this function key.
It performs the role of road. As the road connects the places, this function key also connects your device with other external device displays.


By pressing this key, the full-screen mode of your laptop is on. And also it can open the keyboard setting page. With the help of this, you can generate your new setting and work according to it.
The full-screen mode can also be open with the help of the ESC button. But using F11 can work on every site.


The last function key is F12. The function of this key is defined by the user. Users can set this function key according to their requirements. You can also use this key for saving your MS files or as a flight mode key.
If no function is assigned to this key then pressing this key can open a personal assistant for you.

FAQs – How to Enable Function Keys In Lenovo Laptop?

Open task manager and go to the start-up page. For managing function key and enable startup with the help of software. Then function key starts working if it does not work then restart your laptop.

Every function key has a specific function that helps you to operate directly. These function keys with their specific function can save your time also.


In this article, we briefly describe how to enable function keys in a Lenovo laptop. Apart from this we also discuss the separate function of every function key. The method of function keys activation.
If you update your Lenovo laptop then you face the problem that your function keys cannot operate. So with the help of this article, we simply activate our function keys and operate them directly. The main method that we discuss is the BIOS setup.
Hope you got your solution from this, for more such type of valuable content visit our blog.