How Often You Should Get a New Laptop? [Detailed Guide]

How Often You Should Get a New Laptop

How Often You Should Get a New Laptop?

How Often You Should Get a New Laptop? With advanced technology and the trend of Artificial intelligence, the world is moving faster than expected. 7G is going to introduce and new updated software, apps, and gaming apps are introduced. During this era, you wonder how often you should get a new laptop.
Laptops usually have a life span of 5 years, but some work longer than you expect. The 5-year-old laptop will be outdated and unable to run most of the latest software and gaming apps.
If you buy a cheap laptop from the get-go, it will last less time than you think and will offer you poor performance. But there are many issues you may encounter that will force you to replace your laptop.

How Often You Should Get A New Laptop?

Although the laptop’s average life span is 5 years, we recommend you replace your laptop after 3-4 years to get the latest software and technology at the best possible price. If you are thinking about how often you should get a new laptop?
If you use your laptop for a basic purpose like scrolling through the internet watching movies or videos, your laptop will stay with you longer than usual. But for this, you need to take care of it properly.
Laptops we use at home have a longer life span than others at work, and you don’t have to replace them often. But if you use a laptop outdoor where humidity and dust particles are present, and the temperature is high, you should replace them often.
Also, laptops for other purposes like video editing and intense tasks like gaming have a short life span because new software requires more tasks than a laptop can offer.
But we safely assure you that the average life span is 4 years. You can hold for 4 years to get your new laptop.

Signs You Need a New Laptop?

The best ways to look if you need a new laptop are these given major signs. The higher the signs, the more you need to get ready to replace your laptop.
Signs You Need a New Laptop

1- Persistent Lagging

Lagging is one of the major signs that your laptop is turning old. The lagging or halt laptop can waste your time and make you annoying.
While other possible causes of lagging are viruses, new software, and programs that eat your RAM, it is also a sign of an outdated laptop.
If your laptop is constantly lagging and its performance is slow and steady, this means it’s no longer fulfilling your demands. Then it would be best if you replaced your laptop.
Before replacing your laptop, you need to think about upgrading your RAM and CPU. It could be cost-effective to improve your laptop’s slow and lagging problem.

2- OS Issues

If your operative system shows you signs of trouble and newly updated programs your laptop can not handle, then it’s time to replace your laptop.
But if you are not sure of your OS issues, then reinstalling fixes the problems.

3- Battery Issues

The battery issue is one of the main issues with the old laptop. After a certain time, your laptop’s battery cannot last as much as it did when it was new. It is the sign of your laptop getting old, and you need to get a new laptop.
However, you can resolve the battery issue if you don’t want to spend money on a new laptop right now. Alternatively, you can change your laptop battery, and it will work fine.

4- Not Enough Storage Space

A few years ago, 64 or 128 GB was thought of as a lot of storage space. But nowadays, mobiles offer more storage than this. So, not having enough storage space can cause you trouble if you have an old laptop and makes you think how often you should get a new laptop?
One solution is to buy an external hard drive or cloud storage. But these are temporary solutions, and laptops have limits to increase the hard drives. So, for a permanent solution, you should get a new laptop.

5- Overheating

Overheating is another sign of an old laptop. Overheating shortens the lifespan of your laptop and can damage your laptop severely. So, it would help if you did something about this, or you should get a new laptop.

6- Display Problem

Display problem can be a problem with your old laptop. We know that damaged screen or pixels and flicker screen is frustrating. Moreover, the video quality is increasing day by day, and now you can watch videos at 8K.
So, it would be best if you upgraded your laptop. You can resolve this issue by simply changing your display, but the biggest disadvantage is it won’t last long, and, in the end, you’ll need to buy a new laptop.

Average Lifespan of a Laptop

If you are considering buying a new laptop and wonder about the average lifespan of laptops, you should know that a laptop lasts 3-4 years on average. If your laptop completes its 4 years of duration, you should consider buying a new laptop.
The average lifespan of a laptop is 4 years, and every year new laptops launch with new features and upgraded software or programs. So, after 4 years, you should replace your laptop with new features.
Before buying a new laptop, you should consider following

  • Ram
  • Graphics Card
  • Processor
  • SSD
  • Battery
  • No Of Slots


How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop Battery

You should replace your battery after 1-2 years. Every time you charge your battery, its performance slightly decreases. Eventually, your battery finishes fast, and you need to charge it again.
How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop Battery
No matter how much you take care of your laptop battery, it needs to be replaced after some time. Additionally, many causes can make your battery worn out. These causes are overheating, failing to charge, short run time, and shut down.
If your laptop battery does not work, you need first to replace your battery or get a new battery to solve your problem. Keep in mind that getting a new battery is very easy. You can go to your nearest laptop repair shop or get the related battery from Amazon.

How Often Should Laptop Be Replaced?

In general, your laptop easily lasts for 3 to 4 years. The average laptop life is 3 years. But if you buy a branded laptop which is more durable last to 5 years at least.
Many factors play an important role in replacing your laptop. For example, your laptop displays damage, battery run time short, overheating the laptop, OS issues, lagging. These factors force you to buy a new laptop before your laptop average life span.
When you reach 5 years, you will realize that your laptop programs and technology are not running the latest apps or window. Then it would help if you considered buying a new laptop.

How Do You Know If You Need a New Laptop?

Suppose your laptop speed or performance is getting slow over time. It would help if you considered getting a new laptop. If you face other problems during your work, you need to replace your laptop.
These signs will tell you if you need a new laptop like overheating of the laptop, not enough storage, constant lagging, battery issues, window or apps upgrading problems, display damage. If your laptop shows these signs, it’s time to get your new laptop.

What is Average Laptop Lifespan by Brand?

To compare laptops brand before you are going to buy a new laptop is very important. The lifespan comparison of laptops tells a lot about new laptops’ hardware configuration and operational efficiency.
The average laptop lifespan also depends on how you use it. If you are using it at home, it will last years. But if you are using it outdoor for work, it will not last long because humidity and air particles will damage the laptop.
It is the average lifespan chart of the laptop:
Brand Name            Average Lifespan of Laptop
Apple                          6-7 Years
Lenovo                       5-7 Years
Dell                             5-6 Years
Hp                               5-6 Years
Microsoft                    4-6 Years
Acer                            3-5 Years
After buying a new laptop, you need to take good care of it to last long.

FAQs: How Often You Should Get a New Laptop?

The laptop usually lasts 3 to 4 years. But sometimes many reasons force you to buy a new laptop. Like your window is not working properly, your latest apps are not updating, heavy programs like video editing can slow your laptop speed.

Battery issues, storage problems, laptop slow speed, lagging are problems you face. And as a result, you buy a new laptop.

A new laptop comes out every year. Laptop manufacturers release new laptops three times a year. Back to school season, spring season, and holiday seasons. So, you should consider how often you should get a new laptop?

No, a laptop cannot last 10 years; even branded companies cannot guarantee 10 years for a laptop. The main issue is during 10 years period, many programs are changed, and new technology is introduced. And with your outdated laptop, you will be left behind.

The average laptop life span is 3-4 years. After that time, you need to upgrade your laptop. With the advancing technology, you need to get work with it. Otherwise, it will cause you many problems and be called an old hag.

Final Remarks:

So, now you know how often you should get a new laptop. Your laptop has a limited lifespan and needs to be changed. The average laptop lifespan is 3-4 years, or the maximum is 5 years. After this period you should get a new laptop with advanced technology and programs.
How often you should get a new laptop? It would help if you got a new laptop when your laptop shows you a sign that it is getting old and outdated. Major signs are battery and display problems and storage issues.
If your laptop works fine, you don’t need to replace it. But if your laptop is too stressful because of slow performance, then it’s time to get a new laptop. Visit our blog for more valuable content related to laptops.