How Much Does Laptop Screen Repair Cost? [A Detailed Guide]

How much does laptop screen repair cost

How much does laptop screen repair cost?

You might be thinking How Much Does Laptop Screen Repair Cost? There are different screen costs for each laptop brand in the market like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, and Acer. Now, when it comes to the cost of a cracked laptop screen, it all depends on how you want to repair it, whether you are hiring an expert or doing it yourself.
Keep in mind that laptop screens are more difficult to repair than desktop computers. If your laptop does not have a warranty, you will need to contact the manufacturer for a warranty.
However, if for some reason you are using a formatted hard drive or if you are overcharged for poor quality work, you will have to wait a few weeks for the cargo to arrive and ship.
It is generally recommended that you take your laptop to a local repair shop. You can also ask your friends a question or find a seller online. Repairing a cracked screen on a laptop can be expensive, but investigating the problem can help you fix it quickly and low cost.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen?

At first look, you need to see if your laptop needs to be replaced. If your laptop is not working correctly due to the CPU, you will need to replace your laptop. Instead of spending money on replacing interior parts, you should spend a little more money to get a new one.
Sometimes the graphics card was damaged or worn, causing problems creating the screen and not displaying the correct results. The graphics card is on the motherboard and disappears over time.
In such cases, you don’t have to waste time and money buying a new laptop screen. The situation could be the same in the future. Therefore, if the problem is not on your laptop, replace the screen without wasting time.
On the other hand, if you are 100% sure about the problem and want to repair the screen, the cost depends on the quality and brand of your laptop. Don’t get confused. Here are some examples and methods for calculating the estimated cost of repairing a laptop screen.
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Cracked laptop screen repair cost:

Cracked laptop screen repair cost
To repair your laptop screen, you have two options.

  • You can go to a technician or laptop repair company. Repairing your laptop screen requires professional and accurate payment.

We advise everyone to start here as the first step. But let’s consider the second method.

  • Cracked laptop screens can be repaired at home. In the previous article, I showed you some simple steps to change or repair your laptop screen without wasting money in other ways.

There are three ways to repair a cracked laptop screen. They have their strengths/weaknesses.

Laptop manufacturer:

You can send your laptop to your laptop manufacturer at any time. Laptop screens are professionally and accurately repaired. But it’s pretty expensive. You can also claim a laptop warranty if you purchase within the specified period. 6 months-12 months. Well, this is the first way everyone is encouraged to go with them.

Repairing the home:

You can even fix a cracked laptop screen at home. You can save between $100-$200 this way. But keep in mind that repairing a laptop screen at home is not an easy task and behind it are complex issues. Repeat each step in the next paragraph.

The technician:

You can go to the technician for laptop screen repair. You have to pay them a lower repair fee than the method we first talked about. However, there is a potential for fraud when purchasing a replacement display. It all depends on the technician of your choice.

How much does it cost to repair a laptop screen?

cost to repair a laptop screen
Your laptop screen repair costs will vary depending on the method you choose. (As explained above)

Laptop Manufacturer:

However, the manufacturer can repair laptops screen under warranty at no cost to you. The customer will pay a shipping fee. Repairing the manufacturer’s laptop screen can be very expensive (without a warranty), and the customer will be charged the following payments:

  • The cost of parts
  • Cost of labor
  • Cost of shipping
  • Taxes applicable

This repair can primarily account for two-thirds of the total cost of a laptop. The total cost of the manufacturer is between $ 300 and $ 500.


Professional technicians typically charge $ 120 to $ 250 to replace the LCD.

Home Repair:

To repair your laptop cracked screen at home, you need to buy an LCD and the tools you need. Thus, you can see the cost of your ScreenTek or Amazon LCD by entering your laptop model in the search field. The average cost of repairing a laptop at home is $ 80 to $ 150.
Repairs may be costly if the laptop’s warranty expires. Laptop owners can repair their laptop screens using the appropriate tools and components to resolve the issue.

Costs typically include:

  • In addition to returning the defective laptop to the repair center, the manufacturer may repair the laptop screen free of charge during the warranty period.
  • Laptop screen replacement cost by an expired manufacturer is often expensive, and customers pay parts, fees, shipping costs, and taxes are available.
  • Plan to spend $ 250 to $ 500 on the screen replacement. For example, Dell typically charges $ 250 for an LCD replacement. There is a variety of Acer laptop screens at 180 at the lowest price.
  • Local repair shops can repair laptop cracked screens, but parts for repairs in one place are not always available. Features and fees vary, but PC screen repairs will cost an average of $ 250 to $ 500 and more for an Apple.

How much does laptop screen repair cost?

For most touch screen laptops like Toshiba and Sony, the touch screen costs between $ 500- $ 650. The price is over $ 700 for Hp, Dell, and Lenovo. Cost of repairs and other improvements to the laptop screen.
However, touch screens are recommended if you do not do it yourself. Or you can go to a nearby computer repair shop to get another one.

For Macbook:

The 13-inch screen-size MacBook Pro costs $ 280. If the screen or outer cover is damaged, the user will pay an additional $ 120 effort.

For Hp touch screen laptops:

The same is true for older versions of Hp laptops. Example: The HP 250 G6 Core i5-7200 costs about $ 650- $ 750 in addition to the screen price and repair fee.
Another reason why HP displays are expensive is that you receive a complete display assembly that includes an LCD panel, display housing, hinges, and an antenna for connecting your Wi-Fi card.
Therefore, the cost of replacing an HP laptop is relatively high, and it is highly recommended that you replace your notebook completely rather than replacing your screen.
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Laptops with Old Versions:

Spare parts for older versions of laptops are often unavailable or expensive, so replace the touch screen. Before choosing a laptop, check the availability and cost of its components.
For older versions, if you are lucky enough to get replacement parts at a lower price, Tech will charge a high fee to replace them. It isn’t very easy because it may have to be fully opened.


In the end, it always determines what you want to do with your laptop when the screen isn’t working. You can buy a new laptop or repair your old laptop. If you read this long explanation to the end, it’s not difficult to understand that you belong to the second group.
The cost of replacing a laptop screen depends on the model, type, and size of the screen. Repairing a laptop screen doesn’t just require an expert. You can do it yourself. Just follow the simple steps we mentioned above.
However, if you are not sure you can do it yourself, go to a professional mechanic and have the screen repaired.
The question is, “How much does laptop screen repair cost?” We have also provided a complete guide on “How much does it cost to fix a touch screen laptop screen?”.
What are your thoughts on the article? Feel free to comment below with any questions or suggestions you may have. Feedback from you always inspires us to provide you with more helpful information!
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