Does Laptops Emit Radiation? [8 Must Know Things]

Does Laptops Emit Radiation

Does Laptops Emit Radiation?

Does Laptops Emit Radiation, answer is simple, YES. Every piece of technology emits some level of radiation. One common device these days is the laptop, which emits electromagnetic radiation. We will see in this article whether these radiations are harmful or not.
Many people wonder that if the answer to the question “Do laptops emit radiation?” is YES, then shall they be concerned or not? Yes, you should be concerned and conscious about your health if you are a laptop user.
All the devices emit different kinds of radiation that can affect the body. In the case of a laptop, it also depends on the person’s exposure to the device and how much time they are spending on average. This article will answer your queries.

Does Laptops Emit Radiation?

The simple answer to the question does laptops emit radiation is YES. A laptop emits radiation that the naked eye cannot see, but it can pose real dangers to our health. This danger is not new.
However, contrary to what its name suggests, you should not place a laptop on your lap. When you place a laptop on your lap, it does emit harmful radiation. You expose yourself to harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiations.
What Kind of Radiation do Laptops Emit
Laptops emit EMF at different frequencies, and it has been proven that these EMFs are dangerous to your health. When placing the laptop on your lap, these EMFs can easily get into your vital body organs.

What Kind of Radiation do Laptops Emit?

Laptops emit two forms of EMF radiation:

1. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)

When converting energy to perform the various functions, the laptop’s internal parts generate ELF radiation, which then emits out of the outer shell of your computer. Functions such as processor activity, hard drive operations, memory storage, and other computing functions produce ELF. Older laptops tend to emit the highest levels of EMF radiation.

2. Radio Frequency (RF)

To connect to the internet, laptops, tablets like iPads, and other computer devices use RF signals such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G and 5G. Your laptop is equipped with a receiver and a transmitter to make these connections. The transmitter produces RF radiation, and when placed in your lap, the laptop radiates the emissions directly into your body.

Does Laptop Emit Harmful Radiation?

Do laptops emit radiation? Yes, they do. Now let’s see if the radiations are harmful or not. In a word – yes. We have already seen that laptops emit all kinds of radiation, but all of them are non-ionizing radiations that are of low frequency. The human body is mostly affected by high-frequency radiation.

Non-Ionizing Radiation Ionizing Radiation
Microwave Infra-
Ultraviolet X-Rays Gamma
Perceptible Non
Possible Biological Damage at Some Frequencies   Destructive to Living Tissues

But it does not mean that working around these tech devices will not affect you. It will! But that effect can slow and steady depending on how much these laptops are in your use.
Exposure to laptops screen for long-time results in irritation of the eyes and sleep deprivation as it’s the visible light you interact with. Suppose you do not retain a good sitting posture while using a laptop. That can also result in back pains (but this has nothing to do with radiation).

Can You Get a Cancer from Laptop Radiation?

No, you cannot get cancer from laptop radiation. Cancer has a wholly different cause. It is caused by mutations of cells triggered by ionizing radiation. But laptops do not emit ionizing radiation.
Can You Get a Cancer from Laptop Radiation
The non-ionizing radiation emitted by laptops is not so penetrating that it could cause cancer. However, these low-frequency radiations result in other issues such as skin issues, eyesight issues, etc.
Keeping a laptop on your lap when it’s very hot after it’s charged can result in burning the skin, but that also is not as dangerous as something that would result in cancer.

Does Laptop Emit More Radiation Than Phones?

No. The radiations from the phone are of more intensity and frequency than from the laptops. The laptop radiation has low intensity and low frequency, which is less than the phones. At the same time, mobile phones have high intensity and high frequency.
Mobiles communicate with network towers all the time and emit microwave radiofrequency that affects humans. Also, the eyes are more stressed while using it than laptops due to its smaller size.

How To Check Radiation Level of Laptop?

The best way to find out the amount of radiation your laptop emits is to get a device called a Peltier meter. By simply plugging in an item such as a hairbrush or a cigarette lighter to a device that produces radiofrequency radiation like that produced by your laptop, you can determine exactly how much radiation is being produced.
Many laptop brands deny that their laptops even emit radiation, which is highly unlikely because almost all wired electronic devices emit some level of EMF radiation; even if it is barely detectable, it is still there.

Laptop Radiation Research

Laptop Radiation is real, and great research work has been done on this. Several experiments have been conducted to check whether these rays are harmful to the human body or not and how much average time a person should spend.
Experiments and research studies have shown that computers and other devices such as laptops, mobile phones, etc., emit non-ionizing radiation, which is very low frequency and results in no harm to the body.
But still, there are some threats to daily users and those who have been there all day working with laptops. Laptops emit different rates of Radio Frequency from every part that is

  • 400-800 THz of visible light is emitted from the laptop’s screen.
  • 10-100 THz is the infrared radiation emitted by the random parts of the laptop due to temperature.
  • 4 GHz is the number of radio waves emitted by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas that relate to the laptop depending on the model.

There is nuclear emission when the materials in the laptop go through radioactive decay of the atomic isotopes in it.

Protection from Laptop Radiation

You can avoid laptop radiation by taking some measures, and you should take them seriously because health is always a priority. After being sure that the laptop does emit radiation, it becomes necessary.
Protection from Laptop Radiation

1- Buy a Laptop Radiation Shield

These shields are stiff pads made up of three different materials layers, and their purpose is to block the electromagnetic radiations from penetrating your body.
The material is grippy and does not let the laptop slide. It absorbs all the heat and radiation from the laptop.

2- Monitoring Laptop Use

Laptop radiations are low frequency and do not show their side effects quickly. Hence it all depends on the amount of exposure to the laptop screen. If it’s less, then the less danger you will deal with later.
Therefore, it’s important to monitor your timings and manage how much time you will spend using the laptop.

FAQs – Does Laptops Emit Radiation?

Laptops can emit an EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation level of up to 150mG (milliGauss). 150 mG, the maximum EMF level found in laptops, is insanely high compared to what government agencies usually recommend. Most laptop radiation levels do not reach 150 mG.

Since most estimates are based on speculation or at-home testing, this number can vary. Still, it does not help that laptop companies do not enlighten consumers on the true extent of laptop radiation.

Placing a laptop on your lap is not recommended because of the electromagnetic radiation it emits. These can cause skin burning as well when the laptop gets very hot.

Bringing laptops close to the body affects males and females differently as the distance between the radiation and the body gets less. It is recommended to keep the laptop on a desk at a distance from yourself.


That was all about “Does Laptops Emit Radiation?”. The article’s details signal that we should be concerned about the radiations being emitted from our daily use devices, especially these handy laptops.
When used off the lap, your laptop presents little danger. When using your laptop near your body, use an EMF radiation protection device like a laptop radiation shield that minimizes radiation dangers. When using your laptop, place the laptop on a table or desk if possible. Visit our blog Mrlaptopexpert for more valuable content regarding laptops.

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