Do laptop stands help cooling

Do laptop stands help cooling

Do laptop stands help cooling

Do laptop stands help cooling? Answer Yes! If you are among moderate-to-high laptop users, you may have experienced the heat generated when using your laptop for hours at a time, or you may be working harder to support open programs. The laptop stand is designed to keep your laptop cool, ventilated, and working properly. It also has many more benefits. Many are ergonomically designed and allow you to adjust your laptop screen height to improve your posture and reduce back and neck strain. Some laptop stands are portable and easy to carry anywhere, so you can always work on a solid surface. Laptop cooling stands can be divided into two types. Some are electric; the fan runs and works by connecting the fan to your laptop with a USB cable. This allows you to cool your laptop quickly and efficiently, but stands are often loud and noisy. Alternatively, a cooling stand with a ventilation system is a lightweight option that requires extra power. However, cooling may take some time. If you are thinking of a laptop cooling stand, we recommend reading this guide first and getting to know everything about laptop stands and laptop pads.

How Can a Laptop Stand Help?

Laptop stand helps in keeping your softwares and games running smoothly. It keeps laptop screen at eye level and gives high efficiency in typing.

The laptop stand is a simple device, but its ergonomic benefits are enormous. They include:

Puts the laptop screen at eye level:

By using a laptop stand, you will see your laptop’s screen at eye level. If you have used your laptop for a long time, you may have felt stiffness or even pain in your neck or back long before the end of the day. This is mainly due to the low height of the laptop screen, which requires you always to look down to see the screen. The laptop stand enhances this by raising the laptop to eye level. This is the height of the monitor that automatically places the upper body in a more ergonomic position. The neck will soon straighten out, and there will be no hunting while working on a laptop.

Enhances typing ergonomics:

The keyboard built into most laptops is not ergonomic, to say the least. You can easily fix this with an external ergonomic keyboard, but for many people, this is too far away for comfortable viewing of the laptop screen. The laptop stand allows you to connect an external keyboard to your laptop without pushing the screen back too far. The double-deck laptop stand allows you to slide an external keyboard under your laptop, even when you really need to zoom in on the screen, such as when interacting with a touchscreen laptop. For enhancing your keyboard experience you can go and check out our collection of 7 Best 17-inch laptop with backlit keyboard.

Reduces laptop overheating and improves efficiency

Desktop laptops are much less likely to overheat than laptops. This is due to the right combination of hardware components that minimizes the space available for air circulation. Overheating laptops start to slow down and reduce processor efficiency, which can make basic tasks difficult to perform. The battery drains faster. Finally, there is the risk of damage to internal components and data loss. One of the less obvious advantages of a laptop stand is that it helps keep your laptop cool, allowing it to run longer at optimum performance and even extending your laptop’s life. Some laptop stands come with a USB-powered cooling fan and fan vents to keep your machine well ventilated. Even without the notch at the bottom of the stand, the air will circulate better around the laptop to minimize overheating.

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What is the term Laptop Cooling Pad?

How Can a Laptop Stand Help The Laptop Cooling Pad is a raised platform designed to be placed under your laptop to help cool your PC during your frequent periods of use. The purpose of the laptop cooling pad is to reduce the operating temperature of the laptop. The way these cooling pads work is to provide active or passive cooling support. Typically, “active” laptop cooling pads use a built-in fan to provide this cooling function and keep air away from the laptop. On the other hand, passive laptop cooling pads passively remove air from the laptop or use thermally conductive materials to protect the device passively. However, this is not always the only feature. Some have different fan speeds; some have a built-in USB hub, etc.

What Is the Function of Laptop Cooling Pads?

Laptops tend to get hot when running demanding applications and games. If you install your laptop somewhere with little airflow, this is especially true. Adding to this problem is the fact that most laptops are not designed to dissipate excess heat efficiently. In other words, overheating is more likely to occur over time.

Laptop cooling pads helps laptop cool when using heavy software or playing games. Moreover, it stops hardware damager and keep your system running smoothly and cool.

 This means you run the risk of damaging your hardware and losing important work. So putting a laptop cooling mat under your computer will keep your system comfortable and cool so you can keep everything running smoothly. The cooling pad usually has two large fans that blow hot air out of your laptop so you can keep them cool throughout use. You can also put your laptop anywhere without worrying about overheating.


Using a laptop cooling pad has many benefits:

Comfortable physical environment:

All of us have experienced the feeling of a warm (or hot) laptop on our laps. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Whether your laptop is on your lap, at your desk, or at your desk, cooling pads help regulate the temperature in your workspace and make you more comfortable. And when you’re more physically comfortable, you can be more productive! Another way that laptop cooling pads can increase physical comfort while working is to add height that can be provided for your work setup. By adding a cooling pad for your laptop, you can reduce the strain on your neck and achieve a more stable work surface.

Easily navigable:

Another advantage of laptop cooling pads is their ease of use. Installation is minimal, and there is no learning curve on how to run them. Place the pad under your computer, turn it on when needed, and you’re ready.

Low Temperature:

The advantage of using a laptop cooling pad is that it helps cool the computer and consequently prevents overheating (though not fatal for the laptop). It can be harmful.

Laptop Stands and Cooling Pads have similar features:

  • Similar to these two accessories are the ergonomic design with adjustable height settings.
  • You can easily adjust the laptop stand or cooling pad to a very comfortable position.
  • The adjustment function makes it ergonomic. This is very helpful for laptop users who work heavily on laptops.
  • By using laptop stands and cooling pads, you’ll be able to use your laptop on the bed, couch, office, or even in the park. Additionally, they prevent overheating and improve the performance of laptops.
  • Laptops can malfunction due to overheating. As a result, your laptop lasts longer and performs better when it is kept cool and running at optimal temperatures.
  • Some stands incorporate USB-powered cooling fans and vents to help you get excellent airflow in and out of your system.
  • Some models without cooling fans have cut-outs under the stands to increase air circulation around the laptop to reduce the chance of overheating.


Laptop stand vs. cooling pad

Laptop stand vs. cooling pad

There are slight differences between these laptop accessories, but they appear to offer almost the same functionality.  

Laptop Stand Cooling Pad

1- Laptop stands typically have cuts outs below to allow for better air circulation.

2- Laptop stands are available in all sizes.

3- Any surface can be used with them.

4- Some laptop stands come with extra features, like a phone or book compartment.

5- You cannot use a laptop stand if there is a problem with the built-in cooling fan, especially for gaming laptops. You can also upgrade your gaming laptop, for that check out our list of 8 Best gaming laptops under $750.  

1- Cooling pads are designed with fans or salt compounds to dissipate heat from the laptop, and they work better than laptop stands at cooling.

2- Cooling pads are available for a range of laptop sizes.

3- Only a few laptop coolers can be used anywhere.

4- There are lots of compartments on laptop cooling pads, along with USB ports, hard disk drives, card slots, key drives, phone compartments, and more.

5- You can run hardware-intensive applications on a cooling pad for an extended period, even if the inbuilt fan is damaged.


FAQs: Do laptop stands help cooling

Yes, Laptop cooling pads are especially suitable for games. This is one of the most common use cases for laptop cooling pads. This is because playing games on your computer can concentrate on the work of your laptop. However, if you're a heavy gamer, you need to invest in gaming laptops. This usually provides better memory and faster processing power to support the game's needs.

A laptop cooler is most needed if your laptop is constantly overheating while working or if you are in the habit of working with your system on your lap or in bed all the time. This can block the vents on your laptop. In these cases, you should use a laptop cooling pad to circumvent these restrictions.

Keep in mind that one of the most important things to do when running your computer is not to overheat it. Heat can cause a number of problems, including:

  • It will cease to function properly
  • Shutting down automatically
  • Results in slower performance

It is still possible to prevent or at least reduce the damage caused by overheating without a cooling pad.

  • Put it on a desk or a flat surface
  • Make sure the air vents are clean
  • Check your laptop's fan
  • Stop running background applications
  • Don't set your game settings high enough

The last time the plumber fixed the drainage system, it's time to take advantage of the PVC pipe left in the house. The pipes in this project hold all the cables, organize the space, and raise the level to avoid neck strain.

This is a very simple project. It requires a PVC pipe, 4 T joints, 4 elbow joints, and some paint. The idea is to create a stand with two shelves. The top stand holds the laptop, and the bottom area provides support. This structure also provides ventilation for the laptop in the room.

The foldable laptop stand is ergonomic, sturdy, and durable. Elegantly designed and made of aluminum, this stand style is perfect for reducing back and neck pain from working long hours at your desk.


As you can see, the laptop stand is one of the easiest ways to fix the ergonomic shortcomings of most laptops. Also, you have to learn a complete guide on the laptop stand and cooling pad. How laptop stand can support upper body posture, reduce the possibility of neck and back pain, and improve laptop performance. If you’re not ready to convert your existing desk to a standing desk, you can also use a specific laptop stand model as a temporary standing desk. It’s a simple investment. For more quality content visit