Can We Use WhatsApp In Laptop – Complete Guide

Can We Use WhatsApp In Laptop

Can We Use WhatsApp In Laptop

Can we use WhatsApp in laptop? WhatsApp is a free multiplatform messaging app. With this app, you can transfer text messages and make a voice call or video call. It has end-to-end encryption features. It means all your messages, calls, and media will remain private.

It also offers far more customization, which you will find out in this article. But can we use WhatsApp in laptops? For sure, you can; there are two methods you can use for WhatsApp on your laptop. WhatsApp Web: A browser-based application of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Desktop. An application you can download to your laptop.

WhatsApp can be used on your laptop without a browser only if you have the required operating system, windows 8.1 or newer and macOS 10.11 or newer. Still, if you have other operating systems, you can use WhatsApp web with a browser.

In this article, we will explain the new feature of WhatsApp and the easiest method to download the WhatsApp application on your laptop and give further more detail related to the topic. You have to do is to read the article and get the answers to your quires.

How To Use WhatsApp On Laptop Without Qr Code

Most of the time, users do not like to scan Qr codes; again and again, they want to access the Whatsapp web without scanning QR codes. How to use WhatsApp on laptop without QR code? Don’t worry about that. Here we will describe to you the easiest method.

Whatsapp is a free download app. with WhatsApp, you will get simple and fast messaging and video calling. But can we use WhatsApp in laptop? If yes, then how here you get the answer? You can use it on your phones, laptops, and desktop without scanning QR codes.

How To Use WhatsApp On Laptop Without Qr Code

You have to install the Blue stacks application; it’s an android emulator nearly 10-year-old emulator beneficial for both android and Mac. The producer is similar.

Many WhatsApp users are amazed whether they can we use WhatsApp in laptop without scanning the QR code. Blue stacks work amazingly. That is the direct method of using WhatsApp on a laptop.

Download WhatsApp On your Laptop

How to use WhatsApp on laptop without Qr code for this, we have to download WhatsApp on our laptops. Following are the steps to download the bluestack application.

  • Download the bluestack app store.
  • Then install the bluestack app on your laptop.
  • Look for WhatsApp now. Download WhatsApp.
  • After downloading WhatsApp, you now have to sign up.
  • Add your mobile number for verification.
  • Note: you can use mobile number one device at a time
  • Now you can easily access WhatsApp without scanning a QR code.
  • Add your contacts on WhatsApp.
  • Initiate a new chat, or you can reply quickly to the existing conversation.

How To Use WhatsApp On Laptop Without WhatsApp Web

How to use WhatsApp on laptop without WhatsApp web. The web version is the easiest method to use WhatsApp on the laptop. Here we will explain two alternative methods to use WhatsApp on the laptop without WhatsApp web.

Method 1

If you are not interested in scanning the Qr code, then download the WhatsApp app for windows or macOS. But here is a requirement WhatsApp supports only Windows 8.1 or higher and Mac OXS 10.9 or newer.

Method 2

The other alternative way is to download an emulator. There are several android emulators available in the market for windows. One of the most excellent and accessible among all these is the BlueStacks emulator. This software is also available on the macOS.

Whatsapp Web Desktop

Whatsapp web desktops are computer-based extensions of the Whatsapp account on your phone. Can you see your synced messages between your phone and computer? Can we use Whatsapp in laptop?

There are two ways you can use Whatsapp on your laptop. Here we define Whatsapp web desktop.

How To Download Whatsapp Web Desktop

You can use Whatsapp on your desktop without a browser. And download Whatsapp desktop from the Microsoft store, apple app store, and Whatsapp website.

But remember that you can only install Whatsapp on Windows 8.1 and above devices with max OSX 10.9 or higher or newer. You can use Whatsapp web in your browser for all other operating systems. Visit our amazing blogs and quality reviews about laptops.

Can We Use Whatsapp In Laptop Without Mobile

Can we use Whatsapp in laptop without mobile? Whatsapp currently offers a multi devise beta program that users can access to try a new version of Whatsapp for web, desktop, and portal.

Can We Use Whatsapp In Laptop Without Mobile

It helps users to use Whatsapp on laptops or other devices without connecting to their mobile phones. For some devices, the feature includes audio and video calling directly via Whatsapp web and desktop.

There are some steps that you can easily use your Whatsapp account on your laptop without a mobile. Can we use Whatsapp on laptop without a phone? For this, you must download Whatsapp desktop on your laptop, go to the Whatsapp download page, then download the exe. Or dmg files. After the completion of downloading follow the prompts to complete the installation.

To use Whatsapp on a laptop without mobile

  • Open Whatsapp on your mobile.
  • Then go to the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the home page.
  • Now tap on linked devices.
  • Here Whatsapp will display you a multi-devices beta program
  • Join the beta program and tab on continue
  • Open Whatsapp on a laptop, desktop, and tablet
  • At this point, scan the Qr code on the device from your mobile
  • Finally, both devices are connected, and the Whatsapp web will synchronize messages.
  • This process will take some time.
  • When connected, the users can send and receive messages through Whatsapp web.

How To Use WebCam On Whatsapp Web

How to use webcam on Whatsapp web? The mobile version of Whatsapp allows you to make video calls; in 2020, we see the web version is also supported by the same. Whatsapp has a video call feature for the web version. Can we use Whatsapp on laptop?

Whatsapp needs access to your laptop microphones and camera to use a webcam. So the first thing we need to do is to go to the settings. Then you go down, click the available option, and update your software.

Make sure you have iOs. And then go to the settings. There is an option for Whatsapp to open up and enable the camera. Then open the Whatsapp application, and there you go. That’s it

How To Video Chat Using Whatsapp Web

How To Video Chat Using Whatsapp Web

You should follow some steps before making a video chat by using the Whatsapp web.

First, you have a Facebook account means the host has an account on Facebook. Because Facebook only asks the host to enter login details, the participants don’t need to enter their account details.

You can create a room and share the links with the contacts to start a group video chat. It’s similar to zoom and google meetings.

Make sure you have a Facebook account and open it before video chat. You need to click “create a room as XYZ,” and then you can start a video call.

FAQS: How Can We Use Whatsapp on Laptop?

How to use Whatsapp on web without a phone? A new feature on the Whatsapp application allows using Whatsapp without a phone, but it still requires your smartphone to scan QR codes for authentications.

There are two ways to use it

  1. On laptop browsers
  2. Downloading the setup on your laptop

How to use whatsapp on laptop without scanning a QR code. For this, you must install a blue stacks app player.

And then, you need to sign up and enter your mobile number to complete the registration process. By this, you can access Whatsapp without scanning the Qr code.

Can we use Whatsapp video call in laptop? Yes, you can make a video call on your laptop, but you must install a desktop application before this.

Desktop calling only supports windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and newer and macOS 10.13 and newer. Whatsapp needs access to your laptop microphone and camera.


As we all know, Whatsapp is a free multi-messaging app. Now a day, we can make a call, video chat, sending text messages to make our lives easier through Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a plate form where we communicate with each other no matter how far we are. There are many new features you may not know about Whatsapp, so here we help you to know more about them.

Whatsapp beta update global voice note for Whatsapp web users. You can switch to other apps on your laptop or desktop. Now, web users can start experiencing new features. If users want to use WhatsApp without connecting to their mobiles, here’s your wait almost done. Whatsapp soon allows users to use Whatsapp web without connecting their phones.

The contrast between Whatsapp web and Whatsapp desktop is the format or form of the plate form. Users can access Whatsapp web via a browser on a laptop. On the other hand, the Whatsapp desktop is a format based on computer application programs.