Can I Carry 2 laptops On International Flight – Complete Guide

Can I Carry 2 laptops On International Flight

Can I Carry 2 laptops On International Flight?

Most of the time, people ask if can I carry 2 laptops on international flights. Countless people carry laptops during flights, although some are dangerous due to lithium in their batteries. To monitor all such things, every airline has its security checkpoint. The transportation security administration runs the security checkpoint at the airport.

To find out whether can I carry 2 laptops on international flight, we are here to give you specific and to-the-point answers to all the queries related to airline rules and laptop packing, and how many laptops you can carry with you on a plane.

TSA (transport security agency) does not mind how many laptops you bring in your luggage; other airlines might have different policies regarding how many portable electronic devices you can pack. If you follow the basic rule in this article in detail, you will fly stress-free.

Most people ask about the number of laptops they can bring on a flight, such as can I carry 2 laptops on international flights. One is for personal use, and the other is for official use. Can it be carried on your international flight? According to TSA, “we don’t limit the number of laptops in a carry-on on bags through U.S security checkpoints on a domestic or international flight.”

How Many Laptops Can I Bring On A Plane

Traveling with multiple laptops, many people worry about security issues that how many laptops I can bring on a plane. Usually, airline regulators do not restrict the quantity of portable electronic devices, although they pay more attention to the lithium-ion batteries in your gadgets.

Can I carry 2 laptops on international flights? The correct response is yes, you can, but different nations’ airlines have different rules. For your convenience, we will give you detailed rules and regulations of different airlines.

Multiple Laptop Rules With Different Airlines

  • TSA (transportation security administration) does not restrict the number of laptops on a flight but restricts the number of power banks and batteries.
  • TSA and FAA apply the rule on spare batteries and power banks.
  • In CAAC, You will need to take the permission if your laptop battery is between 100-160 watts per hour.
  • If your battery is less than 100 watts, then you do not need to take permission from the airline authorities.
  • Each passenger can bring up to 15 laptops with 20 backup batteries.
  • CASA (control aviation across Australia) allows less than 160 watts per hour to be sustainable, but batteries that are more than 100 watts are required permission.
  • Many airlines have banned Macbook models because their lithium batteries could be overheated and catch fire.
  • Virgin Australia banned all Macbook models, whether they are new or old models. When flying with Virgin Australia, be very careful about packing other Macbook models.

How To Carry Laptop On International Flight

When traveling on an international flight with a laptop, so how carry a laptop on an international flight mostly, passengers travel with their laptops in hand luggage, and their laptops count as their items.

This article will give you some practical tips on how to carry laptops on international flights. Also, you have to follow the TSA guideline.


Air travel with a laptop can be easy and productive but never pack your laptop inside checked baggage. Instead, it would help if you packed your laptop in a padded, carry-on bag; these are easy and friendly checkpoint bags.


Can I carry 2 laptops on international flight? Place your laptop in a screening bin to pass through the x-ray machine, and make sure you put your name and address on a laptop because multiple laptops pass through security.

During a Flight

Some airlines do not allow using of electronic devices during takeoff, so you should follow the procedure they will inform you later so you can connect with your devices.

Can I Carry 2 Laptops On a Domestic Flight

Those who travel for the first time on a domestic flight with more than one laptop want to know I can carry 2 laptops on a domestic flight. On a domestic flight, you can carry unlimited laptops.

According to TSA, laptops are allowed in carry-on bags with no quantity limitation; please remove all personal electronic devices more significant than a cell phone and put them in a bin for x-ray screening.

TSA and FAA only limit additional spare batteries and power banks. Officially TSA hasn’t mentioned anything about carrying several laptops, so it is ok can I carry 2 laptops on international flights? If you’re facing heatup issues on your laptop, you can go through our separate blog post on How To Stop My Laptop from Overheating.

Maximum Number Of Laptops Allowed On International Flight

When passengers asked the maximum number of laptops allowed on an international flight or sometime they want to know, can I carry 2 laptops on international flight? We are here for you; let’s discuss it in detail.

Maximum Number Of Laptops Allowed On International Flight

According to TSA (transportation security agency), There is no restriction on the number of laptops on international flights. Remember that if you are traveling on an international flight, you must double-check with the country and airline involved because every nation has different rules.

Government should limit the number of laptops in flight with only one condition those laptops, including lithium batteries, should be restricted because those batteries are hazardous they may cause a fire.

Each passenger can carry one personal bag and item; most people carry their laptops. The maximum dimension of carry-on luggage is 45 linear in/115 cm (length 55 cm + width 35 cm + height 25 cm).

FAQS: Can I Carry 2 laptops On International Flight?

Numerous travelers asked how many laptops they could carry on an international flight. Transport security administration does not limit the laptop you carry on a plane.

Unless you don't carry lithium batteries, they can cause problems in planes because lithium batteries overheat and cause a fire.

In simple words, yes, you can carry 3 laptops on international flight, but one thing you should keep in mind is that when you bring more than 2 laptops, you must pay customs duty.

You will ask for 10-40 % import duty tax with multiple laptops from you; the customs officer might also ask you to provide purchase proof.

How many laptops can I bring on a plane internationally? You can carry a limitless number of laptops on a plane; TSA and FAA do not restrict you.

But unfortunately, some airlines banned Apple Mac book laptop devices because of their batteries. On the other hand, TSA and FAA banned only the affected models.


In this article, we cover the issue that most travelers face during international flights, such as whether they can I carry 2 laptops on international flights. And also, we cover how to pack your laptop to move to the security point at the airport quickly; mention the rules of different airlines related to the number of the laptop you can carry on the plane.

Furthermore, we provide a detailed policy of every airline with their official quote about the maximum number of laptops you can carry. TSA doesn’t mind how many laptops you bring in your luggage except for lithium-ion batteries that are not allowed because they could be overheated and catch fire.

Currently, you can carry most laptops on the plane except the Macbook model. Also, you are not allowed to bring spare batteries over 100 watts an hour without airline approval; most modern laptops don’t come with spare batteries, so in that case, you don’t worry about it.