10 Best laptop for streaming Netflix in 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

Best laptop for streaming Netflix

10 Best laptop for streaming Netflix in 2022

Choose the best laptop for streaming netflix and listening to music. It is essential for your family. Fortunately, there are hundreds of laptop brands, and over a million models are well worth a look. Find out which laptop is the Best laptop for streaming Netflix in this article.
Laptops have become an indispensable product nowadays. I use personal computers such as desktops, laptops, and smartphones for my daily work and purposes. Some use it for study. Many places do not yet have suitable training opportunities. Children in these places use laptops to connect with teachers for appropriate education. This is the reason for many political campaigns. Laptops are distributed to children whose families cannot afford a laptop. On those laptops, they not only read but also learn, write, do assignments and projects.
People also use laptops for daily tasks such as processing computing, computing, budgeting, research, and online shopping. In everyday households, people use laptops for all the above purposes. People usually only buy laptops for their daily work. Still, some people use it for games, programming, editing, writing, and entertainment.
Many entertainment apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee5, Spotify, and more. This article describes the best laptops for watching Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t have Netflix, you can check your free Netflix Premium account and use it on your new laptop.

List Best laptop for streaming Netflix in 2022

If you are using Netflix or some portals to provide online services to watch movies or watch your favorite sitcoms or series, you should focus on direct linking.
If you’re a movie fan or someone who likes to watch daily TV shows and series, storage should also be on your priority list. Researching the best laptops for console streaming is no easy task. Check out this list of the top laptops for live streaming. You can try one of them.

Image Product Feature Price

HP Pavilion X360


Brand HP
Screen Size  14 Inches
Color  Gold
Weight  3.55 lbs
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LG Gram


Brand LG
Screen Size  13.3 Inches
Color  White
Weight  2.07 lbs
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HP 14 Chromebook
Brand HP
Screen Size  14 Inch
Color  Black
Weight  4.40 lbs
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ASUS VivoBook S 15
Brand ASUS
Screen Size  15.6 Inches
Color  Grey
Weight  3.97 lbs
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2017 Dell Inspiron 15.6


Brand Dell
Screen Size  15.6 Inches
Color  Silver
Weight  5.07 lbs
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Apple MacBook 13 inch
Brand Apple
Screen Size  13 Inches
Color  Silver
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Acer Predator Helios 300
Brand Acer
Screen Size  15.6 Inches
Color  Black
Weight  5.95 lbs
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Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop


Brand Acer
Screen Size  15.6 Inches
Color  Silver
Weight  3.97 lbs
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Lenovo Flex 14


Brand Lenovo
Screen Size  14 Inches
Color  Onyx Black
Weight  3.52 lbs
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Acer Chromebook


Brand Acer
Screen Size  14 Inches
Color  Silver
Weight  3.42 lbs
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1- HP Pavilion X360


  • Brand HP
  • Screen Size  14 Inches
  • Color  Gold
  • Weight  3.55 lbs

Is a gaming laptop suitable for watching movies? Visit the HP Pavilion. It’s one of the best laptops to watch Netflix on. It can provide a better experience than Dell laptops that are the best laptops for watching movies and the internet.
You’ll be amazed at the full HD video streaming quality that laptops can offer you. Moreover, 8th generation processors ensure that they have no problems while trying to do their work.
HP Pavilion notebooks feature a Full HD display, and the attractive 14-inch display lets you easily view the screen and watch your favorite movies seamlessly.
The screen has IPS technology that provides sharp colors at an angle to use your laptop and tablet in normal mode. It depends on your choice. It comes with a touch-enabled screen.

  • The processor on this laptop is of high quality
  • It has decent storage
  • A full HD display is provided
  • One HDMI port and three USB ports are available
  • Software performance issue

2- LG Gram


  • Brand LG
  • Screen Size  13.3 Inches
  • Color  White
  • Weight  2.07 lbs

LG Gram is super light and easy to carry all day long. With a long battery life of 12.5 hours, it is highly durable for 2-3 days of travel, movies, and magazines without the hassle of charging. Must check out our list of 10 Best laptop for traveling business.
Its innovative design, along with the brand’s hosting capabilities, fits within the 13.3-inch size of the screen. The wide color gamut provides unprecedented sharp image quality.
This model passed seven industry standards in military testing. The backlit keyboard makes it easy to move around in dark environments. Trackpads are supported in the context of multi-touch gestures.
It is crucial to purchase a laptop with technology and connectivity in this regard. Get a stable WiFi connection to provide clear Netflix images and a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
This is very important when considering a laptop’s long-term battery. The unstable battery of the computer continues to spoil the entertainment time.

  • In its metal body
  • Processing speed is fast
  • Suitable for non-GPU-intensive tasks
  • Cost-effective
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • The display is not uniform
  • Backlight bleed is evident

3- HP 14 Chromebook


  • Brand HP
  • Screen Size  14 Inch
  • Color Black
  • Weight  4.40 lbs

This 2020 laptop model by HP has a 14-inch display (still smaller than a regular laptop) and pretty good image quality. The sound is good, but don’t expect breathtaking sound quality here either.
The HP 14 Chromebook costs almost half the price of the HP Pavilion X360 above. However, when it comes to performance, it can go far beyond expectations.
With base hardware with an entry-level Intel Celeron processor, only 4GB of RAM, and only 32GB of internal SSD storage, it’s easy to see your Chromebook through the same lens as your Windows or Mac laptop.
Chromebooks have different features. Chromebooks are highly internet-based machines. I recommend using cloud services for almost any type of task.
This laptop is perfect for streaming video content from your favorite services. It has an AMD Athlon Silver 3050U processor (2.3 GHz fixed base speed) and 4GB RAM. This best laptop to watch Netflix comes with 128GB of SSD storage, which isn’t much, but at least having an ultra-fast drive is a bonus.
You’re probably familiar with Intel processors, but rest assured that this AMD model offers affordable speed. It also has a decent battery and provides up to 10 hours of use on a single charge.
It is comfortable to carry, light and thin, and looks good. It’s not the most stylish laptop I’ve ever seen, but it provides excellent performance. That’s all that matters when streaming from your favorite services.

  • A bright Display
  • Highly secure and safe
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable
  • Without a large internal hard drive

4- ASUS VivoBook S 15


  • Brand ASUS
  • Screen Size  15.6 Inches
  • Color Grey
  • Weight  3.97 lbs

Acer’s processor is slightly faster, but the look and feel are the main reason for the slightly higher cost.
This is one of the few laptops made with aesthetics in mind for watching movies and the internet.
In my case, I know I’m not paying the price difference to make it look good, although I am sure that many people do. I know my girlfriend did.
But to be fair, a better build also offers significant improvements: it only weighs 3.97 pounds.
If you like the look, you will enjoy this beautiful laptop.

  • Colors are varied and beautiful
  • Trendy
  • Lightweight
  • Speakers and cooling system equipped with -inspired vents
  • Little bit expensive

5- 2017 Dell Inspiron 15.6


  • Brand Dell
  • Screen Size  15.6 Inches
  • Color  Silver
  • Weight  5.07 lbs

The 2017 Dell Inspiron 15.6 is an excellent laptop to buy at an affordable price. Don’t have too many advanced computer features to be able to enjoy Netflix on your laptop.
With its sleek and beautiful design, stunning 4k video display, and NVidia GeForce GTX 1650, it’s an excellent option for anyone who loves watching movies and TV shows and wants to play a little game on the same device.
The laptop has a platinum, silver CNC aluminum cover. Open the lid, and you will see enough palm rests made of black carbon fiber. The power button is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard.
THANKS TO DELL’S INNOVATIVE INFINITY EDGE FEATURE; the XPS display is one of the highest resolutions we’ve come across. The 15.6 HD display made of Corning Gorilla glass with a 16:10 aspect ratio is one of the best options.
A simple laptop with the basics is more than enough to enjoy media content. This is where the 2017 Dell Inspiron 15.6 can help. Our experts recommend it to be the best laptop for watching movies and the internet as well.

  • Touchscreen displays
  • Video streaming is supported in HD quality
  • Offline media storage is available
  • Intel Core i7 2.6 GHz
  • Spacious keyboard
  • generation of processors is quite old

6- Apple MacBook 13 inch


  • Brand Apple
  • Screen Size  13 Inches
  • Color  Silver

The MacBook comes with 8GB of RAM (expandable to 16GB) and 256GB of SSD storage. It’s not much, but from our point of view, it’s enough to store a ton of movies and TV shows, and using an app like Netflix is enough. Notebook memory is required to store video.
You now have a laptop with a new Macbook M1 processor. It is very suitable not only for screens but also for other tasks. Previously, we had said that the MacBook with Intel processor was the best machine of 2020, but now we consider the MacBook pro M1 to be the best laptop.
It’s excellent WiFi connectivity that lets you conveniently trade in your laptop for a price. So with a good ISP, you are free to watch all the movies you need.
For connectivity options, this best laptop to watch Netflix comes with 2x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) with DisplayPort, Thunderbolt charging (up to 40GB/s), and USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10GB/s).
The laptop comes with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645. With this graphics card, you can also play midrange games.
The keyboard comes with a touch bar, Touch Id sensor, ambient light sensor, and backlight support. The touchpad is accurate with responsive handwriting control and innovative pressure sensing.

  • Lightweight
  • Processor with high performance
  • High-resolution display.
  • Good touch keypad
  • Long battery life
  • Expensive

7- Acer Predator Helios 300


  • Brand Acer
  • Screen Size  15.6 Inches
  • Color  Black
  •  Weight  5.95 lbs

The Acer Predator is one of the few laptops to offer Dolby audio performance while playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.
There are two models of laptops, the newer one is better, but if you’re looking for something that can stream high-end games and movies with ease, you’re looking for the right laptop. Laptops are worth the price and well suited for everything, including streaming high-definition content.
Internally, the laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i7-9750H processor. Acer Predator Helios 300 has 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD. 1920 x 1080 laptop native resolution.
It also comes with an Ethernet E2600 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN for seamless streaming. Two built-in stereo speakers with smart amplifiers are also worth adding to this laptop.
This high-performance device comes preloaded with Windows 10 Home 64-bit with overclocked NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics. 6GB dedicated GDDR6 VRAM is the best choice for broadcasters.
An IPS display offers excellent image quality with an LED backlight, sharp and bright tones. The built-in Nvidia GeForce 1060 is perfect for handling heavy gaming graphics.
In terms of connectivity options, laptops have 2 USB 3.2 Type-A ports, 2 USB 3. x ports, and 1 Type-A 3.2 port. Other available ports are Ethernet port and SD card slot.

  • Processor with high performance
  • GPU and unbeatable gaming performance
  • Bright shades tones
  • 144 Hz Resolution
  • Costly

8- Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop


  • Brand Acer
  • Screen Size  15.6 Inches
  • Color  Silver
  • Weight  3.97 lbs

Acer has developed the Aspire 5, a high-performance premium laptop for the budget-minded professional consumer. Also, when compared to other laptops for live streaming, the Aspire 5 stands out as one of the best laptops for streaming to Twitch, especially with the addition of HD webcams.
Performance-wise, the AMD Ryzen 3 3200U dual-core processor provides plenty of processing power while enabling efficient multitasking. AMD CPUs work well in multi-threaded applications, and this version is at least $50 cheaper than Intel’s!
To make the deal even sweeter, you can easily remove the bottom, add SSDs and upgrade RAM to optimize performance. The metal chassis, VGA output, DVDs, and similar add-ons are absent, but you’ll get a satisfying 15.6-inch big screen.
The price is not too high. If you’re on a tight budget or want to afford a second unit for a custom-built Extreme Gaming PC, this is the perfect laptop for Netflix and video streaming.

  • Exceptional value for money
  • Portable and slim
  • Ideal for multitasking
  • Bright Display for Video Streaming
  • Heating problem

9- Lenovo Flex 14


  • Brand Lenovo
  • Screen Size  14 Inches
  • Color  Onyx Black
  • Weight  3.52 lbs

This is an outstanding laptop type with an elegant design but designed with the best features to meet the needs of students in the accounting space.
This laptop gives the user a firm grip at an angle of 300 degrees. The person can either use the lectern mode or the store mode.
This laptop is mainly made of plastic; The palm rest is aluminum on the surface, matte rubber on the outside, and glossy plastic on the bottom. It is a 21.6 mm thick notebook computer.
The screen size is 14 inches and is in full touch. The touch screen system can identify up to 10 fingers. The screen provides 1920*1080 pixel resolution.
The laptop touch system is outstanding and provides the highest security for engineering students who use it. The best feature that distinguishes laptops from the rest is dual-mode operation.
It can be used as a laptop or desktop. It can rotate 300 degrees around its axis. In addition, the laptop can be connected to a wireless keyboard and remote control. This is worth buying.
The laptop is designed with 3*USB, HDMI, and other necessary ports. You can also connect via Bluetooth or wireless.

  • Best for video streaming
  • Bright Display
  • High performance
  • Stylish
  • Long battery life
  • Touch screen
  • Costly

10- Acer Chromebook


  • Brand Acer
  • Screen Size  14 Inches
  • Color  Silver
  • Weight  3.42 lbs

In terms of streaming, the Acer Chromebook is my personal favorite. This is one of the reliable options for streaming. It provides a perfect image without sacrificing color. All 3.42 pounds is an aluminum body with a Full HD IPS display.
Since the device is a Chromebook, you can’t expect good specs. We have an excellent quad-core for online streaming on Netflix.
Acer is the brand of choice for streaming video, movies, or series online. It offers the ideal combination of portable and actual image size, a large screen size for comfortable viewing, and a high-quality video display at a high price compared to the image quality ratio.
The Chromebook supports Full HD rendering with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. This is the highest pixel ratio ever.
If you plan to connect to your TV or external display via HDMI, you can still enjoy high-quality video streaming with still images even if you switch back to your laptop’s internal display.

  • It’s made from a thin metal like a mac
  • Quite pricey, though
  • Very responsive
  • Great battery life
  • Limitations in hardware and software

How much RAM do I need for Netflix? NetFlix Hardware Recommendations

As mentioned before, you need to avoid some wrong models and stream Netflix in full HD. You don’t need to buy a compatible laptop to stream Netflix or video in this section, but I’ll explain why.


Have you heard of MPG, AVI, WMV files? Videos are one of them. However, not all video players support them. Most notably, MP4.
Similarly, not all processors can handle formats provided by streaming websites like NetFlix.
If you do, those videos will decode very slowly, and you won’t be able to enjoy the movie, and you will have to deal with stuttering.
However, almost all modern processors can decode almost any format fast enough.
Therefore, you should avoid the following (which has been shown to cause problems when streaming anything in Full HD):

  • Pentium M and Atom processors
  • The AMD Celeron C, E, V, and Z processors.


Graphics card

Graphics cards have their memory, and there are two types of graphics cards. Private and integrated.
The integrated board shares the same memory as the CPU, but the dedicated board has its memory.
As such, dedicated graphics handle graphics-related tasks better, but an integrated card is sufficient for streaming.
Custom vs. integration
You don’t need to use a dedicated GPU for simple streaming.
The best and latest integrated card is the Intel HD series. Even the old Intel HD 4250 is equipped to decode most major codecs.
However, only the latest Intel HD (6200) decodes almost any video taken from the web.

RAM & Storage

The video you’re streaming takes up space and needs to be temporarily stored somewhere for playback.
Your laptop uses RAM to store temporary data. Memory allows you to store more data so that you can watch the entire video without interruption.
Exceeding 2GB is essential when streaming movies. If your laptop runs out of RAM for streaming, use a storage device (a cache) to store part of your movie. However, if you have a laptop with 64GB RAM, you can do efficient browsing, streaming gaming, heavy work multitasking, and all that stuff. We have prepared a collection of 5 Best Laptop with 64Gb RAM, you can check that out to outclass your experience of using laptops.
The cache is much slower than using enough RAM, especially if the storage device is relatively slow.
Recommended RAM
However, with slow storage and low RAM, you can stream videos smoothly. With 4GB or more of storage (5400rpm versus 7200rpm), you won’t have to deal with stuttering when streaming Full HD movies.
However, if you’re using 2GB of RAM, you’re much less likely to be dealing with stuttering.

Final Words

These best laptops for streaming Netflix are currently on the market and are perfect for watching movies. HP Pavilion X360 is at the top of the movie watch list as it has a large and beautiful screen.
With a retina display, portability, and advanced features, Apple MacBook is perfect for when you need it for work. The MacBook is also known for its battery life, so mobile viewing is good. For more such type of quality reviews and information visit our website https://mrlaptopexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Best-laptop-for-streaming-Netflix-1.pngexpert.

These are important but not so important if your only goal is to watch a movie.

Still, it's doubtful that you'll only be using your laptop for streaming, so further thinking is highly recommended. If you want to use it for work, school, or games, you must consider other factors.

You'll need an i7 processor and perhaps 16GB of RAM to use it in apps like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Lightroom.

However, if the program used for this purpose is a traditional program like Microsoft Office, it will work fine on the laptops listed above.

A powerful processor and graphics card combination is required for game streaming. On the other hand, a high-speed internet connection is required in addition to a high-speed WiFi connection.