Are keyboard covers bad for laptops [Complete Guide]

Are keyboard covers bad for laptops?

Are keyboard covers bad for laptops?

Before purchasing a laptop keyboard cover, there is a lot to consider. So I have covered everything you need to know including “Are keyboard covers bad for laptops?”, “is keyboard protector good for laptop?” The laptop keyboard covers benefits and more. In this blog, you can learn “ Is it okay to use keyboard covers?”
The keyboard cover isn’t bad for laptops. Cooling isn’t easy so that the fan might be running a little more complicated than usual. I hate the keyboard cover itself. They offer very little protection.
But to be honest, you don’t need a keyboard cover. Unless you’re a bad person and tend to spill drinks on your laptop all the time, this will cause trouble.

What is a keyboard cover?

Keyboard covers are thin pieces of plastic, polyurethane, or silicone that sit over the keyboard of your computer or laptop. Molded to fit keyboards with thickness ranging from 0.12mm to 2mm.

Are MacBook keyboard covers bad?

Are MacBook keyboard covers bad
The keyboard is one of the most important components of the MacBook. Using the trackpad or perhaps a mouse connected to the device, you can use the keyboard to type, place commands, and perform functions.
Many people buy keyboard protectors to protect their Macs from damage. However, others wear them for aesthetic purposes only.
Do you need a keyboard protector on your MacBook? Here are some things to consider if you’re planning to buy a keyboard protector for your laptop:

What is the purpose of a keyboard cover?

Listed below are a few reasons you should consider getting a keyboard cover for your MacBook.
1- Tuning down keyboard clicks
This material acts as soundproofing, reducing various unwanted noises that your MacBook may make. Of course, that’s bad news if you like sharp clicks on your keyboard.
But if you’re worried that those around you might be disturbed by the noise, or if you have to work with your roommates early in the night, that might be the reason.
2- Protect Your Keyboard From Dirt and Spills
People buy a MacBook because it can be taken anywhere. The downside to this is that it exposes them to more dirt, spills, and accidents.
What is the purpose of a keyboard cover
Keyboard protectors can’t protect your Mac from major spills that can get into other areas like the trackpad and ports, but they can protect your keyboard from minor spills like splashes and drops. However, for a better keyboard experience, you can go for a backlit keyboard. Visit our separate guide on 7 Best 17-inch laptop with backlit keyboard.
If you enjoy your food while using your Mac or doing other things that can get your hands dirty, the preservative helps keep crumbs, dirt, and oil out of the gaps.
3- Protects your keyboard from wear and tear
If you want your keyboard not to be touched, you can use a keyboard protector to prevent the keyboard from wearing out. It protects against abrasion and delamination of tissues that make the backlight visible.
4- Aesthetically pleasing
Having a keyboard protector can be great on your Mac. Most covers come in a variety of styles. Some are monochrome, and some are gradational. There is still great pressure to help others with vision problems.
5- Easy to clean
Compressed Air can blow debris stuck in the cavities, but keyboard covers make cleaning much more accessible. Take it out, soak in soapy water, air dry, and clean again on your MacBook.

Why you shouldn’t use a keyboard cover?

  • Makes it more difficult to type if not removed

Keyboard covers can be annoying by nature. To get all the benefits of using one, you have to leave it as is, even as you type. However, laptop keyboards are not designed to have a 2mm silicone coating on top.
If you want to record a keystroke, you have to press the squish key, which is harder than typing on a laptop keyboard.

  • Removed for typing can introduce dirt and debris.

People compromise because typing on the keyboard cover is much more difficult. Many users leave the keyboard cover open for most tasks, but if you need serious typing, remove the cover. This works but has serious drawbacks. With one, removing it almost loses all the benefits.
Why you shouldn't use a keyboard cover
Worse still, putting the keyboard cover aside can collect everything around you, such as dust, hair, and bits of food. Then put the keyboard cover back on the keyboard, and all these unnecessary things can settle on the keyboard.

  • The Screen Is Marked

Some keyboard protectors are thick and high on the keyboard and reach the screen when you close the MacBook lid. This will transfer the oil and grime from the shield to the screen.
The good thing is that these stains usually come off after a few wipes with a damp cloth. Also, most thin covers are too thin to reach the screen.

  • Screens can be damaged

Most laptops have a slim design, so there’s almost no gap between the Retina display and keyboard.
The thick keyboard cover not only prevents the MacBook from closing properly, but it can also even damage the delicate screen.

  • Can Smudge and Even Disfigure the Laptop Screen

This latest scam is enormous. No matter how thin and accurate the keyboard cover is, the latest MacBook (and other thin laptops) doesn’t have much room inside when closed. Therefore, the keyboard cover can be pressed tightly against the laptop screen.
At best, fingerprints, oils, and smudges are carried from the cover to the screen. In the worst case, it can damage your laptop’s screen or spoil its appearance.

FAQs related to keyboard covers

The keyboard cover is, of course, used to protect the keyboard. Laptops can be costly. Some are between $2500 and $3000! Therefore, installing a keyboard cover on your laptop is worth the small investment. At least some agree it's worth it.

Don't worry; the keyboard protector won't overheat your computer. The biggest issue is that it feels awkward at first (especially the thick silicone ones), so getting used to turning it on and typing.

You can not use a keyboard cover for the MacBook Air. The Air is a boiling device. The cooling system is much lower than the old model (without USB-C). It would be very hot without this cover.

Use a neutral, non-humidifying detergent (dish soap) and cold water on a damp cloth. Gently rub ClearGuard back and forth with a cloth. Rinse ClearGuard well with water and Air dry with tissue paper.

Leaving material on the top case (keyboard and palm rest area) may damage the screen when you close it. This includes adding a palm rest or keyboard cover and a glue-covered keycap.

The simple and easy answer: Anyone with a MacBook. Long answer: Especially if you use a MacBook every day. Over the life of your MacBook, the likelihood of serious damage increases only with how often you use your MacBook.

So unless you're a collector (and who collects electronics anyway), it's natural to use your MacBook regularly. Regular use increases the chance of something spilling onto your keyboard or getting stuck in one of the keys. Daily use without Apple's keyboard cover increases the likelihood that heavy fabrics will need to be removed for keyboard repairs.

Verdict_ Are keyboard covers bad for laptops?

This is useful because it prevents dust from accumulating inside the keys and causes the keyboard to stop working later on. However, it can be frustrating for some users and make typing uncomfortable, so the typing speed may not be that fast.
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