15 vs 17 Inch Laptop – Detailed Comparison

15 vs 17 inch Laptop for Programming

15 vs 17 Inch Laptop

Are you confused to choose between a 15 vs 17 inch laptop? Don’t worry we are here to guide you to buy the best laptop for yourself. In this article, we will guide you about every aspect of the two most popular and used laptop screens.

The major difference between the laptop is the screen. Although two inches difference may not appear huge, the variation in screen size can majorly impact user experience, so it’s vital to consider all features of a laptop before buying.

Furthermore, will also see which laptop is better for gamers programmers, and general use. Moreover, we will also look at the pros and cons of laptops these laptops. This article will give you a brief overview that will help you to buy the right laptop for yourself. So, let’s get started.

15 vs 17 Inch Laptop

The two-inch difference between the 15 and 17-inch laptop may seem minor but it impacts the user experience significantly. The size of the laptop screen is a personal preference. It is important to consider that, the larger the laptop the heavier it will be.

One needs to consider how much the person uses a laptop while travelling and when at home. Mostly the gamers and programmers who don’t use a laptop while travelling prefer a 17-inch laptop.

Moreover, gamers set up a gaming station and play the game sitting on their favourite chair, so ease is crucial to be considered when you buy a laptop.

On the other hand, if the person travels a lot and has to carry a laptop all the time then a 15-inch laptop is a better choice because of is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.

15 Vs 17 Inch Laptop for Gaming

Most gamers choose large screens for several reasons. The reason includes an immersive experience and a larger screen for enhanced visibility focus. Furthermore, gamers do prefer large-screen laptops because are used to using large screens.

However. a 15-inch laptop screen is sufficient for a pleasing gaming experience but most people prefer 17 ich laptop This mainly depends on their experience and comfort.

A laptop screen is important but it’s vital to consider several other factors for the overall performance of a laptop and improved usability. One should consider the following factor along with the size of the laptop.

1. Processor

Gamers require a laptop that has a powerful processor. A quad-core processor is a minimum requirement for gaming, but if a person has the budget, he should buy a Hexa-core processor.


It depends on user preference on what kinds of games and programs he wants to play and use respectively. If the games are not FPS demanding then a regular graphic card is enough for the smooth running of games and other programs on a laptop.

3-Random Access Memory

Gaming laptops need a minimum of 8 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) for playing games. Most of the time it is recommended to use 16 RAM for high-end performance.

4-Cooling System

Gaming laptop heats quickly when the person plays heavy games. Heavy games quickly heat the laptop, slows its performance, and sometimes damage its components. One should ensure a high-end cooling system in laptops before buying.

5-Price Range

Gaming laptops cost a few more bucks than non-gaming laptops. Look for the model which is within your range and has all the essential features.

15 vs 17 inch Laptop for Programming

Every laptop has different characteristics. The laptop that can be used for gaming must have a multi-core processor like intel core i7, 8 GB RAM, a regular graphic card, and a good cooling system. Programming laptops must be easy to carry around and portable.

Programming laptop does not need a powerful laptop. Programming laptops should be good enough to compile and run the code efficiently. The laptop that can perform programming efficiently includes 15 and 17-inch laptops.

A fast SSD is too essential to save time when retrieving files and projects. As is a  keyboard that is responsive and comfortable to use, and a display that is pleasing to the eyes one would like to spend hours doing work.

If the person works remotely and travels sometimes then, a light laptop like an Ultrabook works the best as it is lightweight and easy to carry. Visit our pick of top 7 Best 17-inch laptop with backlit keyboard.

Best Laptop for General Use

With so many laptops on the market, buying one for everyday personal use can be harder than you think. It is possible to buy a laptop with very good features at an affordable price. However, before exploring different brands and generations of laptops, one should define the purpose of buying a laptop.

If you’re trying to decide between a 15 vs 17-inch laptop for regular personal use, the choice would be according to one’s lifestyle and personal liking.

For regular use like using the laptop for browsing, streaming videos, checking emails, MS office, etc. All of these do not have a powerful processor, graphics, and huge RAM. A 15-inch laptop is highly suitable for people who want to use it for general business purposes.

Is a 15-inch laptop better than a 17 inch?

15 and 17-inch laptops both work best. The major difference is between the screen size and resolution. Screen size depends on the preference of the user and his past experiences.

Is a 15-inch laptop better than a 17 inch

The laptop to choose between the two depends on many factors. You need to consider your business line first. If you are a graphic designer, video editor, financial professional, etc., you can choose a 17-inch laptop. Larger screens allow gives more screen space and less scrolling.

According to many users, larger screens help them maintain a better focus because they do not waste time, sorting different applications and programs. So, if you need to use multiple windows at the same time then a 17-inch laptop is best.

However, you should consider that a large laptop is heavy and inconvenient to carry. Whether you’re travelling to work or travelling frequently with a laptop, a 15-inch laptop may be more appropriate. Although smaller and lighter, they can be even more powerful and ensure the smooth running of all your programs.

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Pros And Cons Of 15 vs 17 inch Laptops

The pros and cons of 15 vs 17 inch laptops are discussed in the table below.


15 Inch

17 Inch

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Travel Friendly.
  • Fit in most of the bags.
  • Takes less space on the desk.
  • Low in price as compared to a 17-inch laptop.
  • Big with better display colors and resolution.
  • Comfortable and high-end keyboard.
  • Good for gaming and graphic designing.
  • More capacity for others components in the laptop.


  • Not a good choice for gaming or graphic designing.
  • Small display size and less resolution.
  • Weighty, awkward, and difficult to carry around and travel with.
  • Weights more than 7 pounds.
  • Battery drainage because of heavy games and software installed.
  • High in price.


FAQs: 15 vs 17 Inch Laptop

Take a measuring tape which has measures in inches. Then choose a starting point. It doesn't matter if you start from the top or bottom edge, the most important thing is to measure it diagonally. You only need to measure the actual screen, not the plastic edge, so only measure the visible part of the screen.

Laptop, television, and monitor screens are diagonally measured, from the bottom corner to the top corner on the other side. Screen dimensions are measured in inches. 1-inch equals 2.54 centimeters.


In this article ,15 vs 17 inch laptop the ideal screen size is a personal choice for everyone. Overall, a 15-inch laptop has the perfect mixture of portability and screen space and is a good choice no matter where you are using it or how long you are travelling.

However, if you want the best laptop for home gaming settings, a 17-inch laptop will give you the benefits of the highest screen for a better gaming experience. For some energetic, greedy players looking for a device to play all the latest games, a 17-inch laptop may be the best choice.

In general, the difference in size is considered subjective. While some may find the 17-inch laptop too big, others may find it easier to use and work on. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand the difference between a 15-inch and a 17-inch laptop.